Problem Proof? I Wish!!!

Yeah, I'm sure you won't find the meaning of that anywhere but it was the first expression of words I could give myself for trying to avoid my problems and live like life isn't about solving problems.

Let's face it, life presents problems mostly when we least expect it. While some are easy to solve, others are just like hard nuts to crack making you feel like they are supposed to be there and you just have to manage through somehow while you watch it become a much bigger problem.

There's no one without problems except of course, you're not human lol. So I am glad when problems are presented for me to solve either alone or with a team (my family or friends). I've been successful in solving a lot of problems that came my way while growing up till this day but then, I can't stop wishing I am "Problem Proof" (Having no problem penetrate my emotions) to one problem I've been procrastinating to solve.

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I know it is just me being scared of the worse that could happen or maybe I'm just afraid of the unknown which most likely may be for my own good if I should face it now but somehow, I've allowed that problem spend years with me alongside and it's eating me up. Well, I'm very much alive physically, mentally and emotionally but I bet I'd be more lively without that problem I'm faced with.

I tend to change my mind too quickly

You could say I listen to people too much, I allow myself to be easily influenced by what I hear or see and this is a problem for me. A problem I'm still trying hard to get rid of (sorry I mean, trying hard to be problem Proof to). I keep wishing I could live with it and not be too affected by it if I don't face a way to stop it but instead, it becomes worse by every influence I fall into.

The last time, a distant friend of mine said I have no emotions and it's worse because I don't care about myself either. One thing with me is, I always find truth in whatever people are saying to me and it becomes a problem for me. I wouldn't like to share what I went through after accepting that I have no emotions even for myself 🥲 it didn't do me any good is what I can share.

Even though I wish I'm problem Proof to it, I'm figuring out ways to stop listening to people and one of them is listening more to my heart and doing the things I love to stay happy as often as I can... It's helping but I'm yet to get into the situation of choosing to listen to what others say or to what I know and think... I feel like I'm ready but not sure how much ready.

For now, I'm just focusing on myself since I rarely go out to see people where I hear things that could cause problems for me just because I let them get to me. It's one of the problems I'm working on and I'd appreciate any more ways to go about that in the comment section.


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