Money, Fame, and My Minimalist Lifestyle


With great power comes great responsibility. It’s not just a phrase but my whole damn life story. Since rooting for an underprivileged family, I have experienced countless financial problems, and due to uncertain circumstances, I always dream of money and a lavish lifestyle.

In the start, my father used to work as a laborer and my mother as a seamstress in a factory. Including my family was already living a minimalist lifestyle. The little bit I knew back then was that money could give my life a different style and a different perspective. I used to be like I will fix my family’s condition. I will make my future better with better opportunities.

Initially, I believed that my dad wasn’t a clever man because he would have made enough wealth if he possessed cleverness. But I doubted his capabilities. My dad had a vision to see me on the big stage. He provided me with education instead of unnecessary stuff that would provide temporary pleasure. And since education is the pillar of everything, the benefits it had on me, along with the minimalist lifestyle I was living back then, helped me acquire the shape of a real man instead of a lover of materialistic things.

With a minimalist lifestyle, you shift into an indifferent person. Think for a second of a lifestyle saturated with poverty and minimalism. You have fewer things to deal with, right? That’s the same case with an indifferent lifestyle. You start focusing on things that matter to you instead of unworthy things. You perform activities for your betterment and happiness instead of impressing people.

Over time, when I kicked off employment and things started falling into my path, and with the course, I started a business and made a fortune. To sum it up, I realized that you couldn't take out childhood habits and lifestyles that a person has had for ages.

Now I believe that the impact all my hardships and challenges had on me in my adolescence phase was better than anything. I now know the value of having little things in my life, and I am fully aware that over-consuming would waste my time and money and fill up my mental capacity.

And as a future father, due to my experiences with a minimalist lifestyle, it won’t be hard to teach them about the importance of minimalism by making them understand the concept of quality over quantity. I will tell them to always focus on the positives, thank God for the blessings, and educate them about the indifferent trait and how to make the best of it.

Yes, in today’s world, money has the power to resolve every issue but is that the only component? Over time, I realized money is not everything (after earning a heck of money xD), but that was the hardships, struggles, courage, happiness, and sorrows that bound the pieces and gave a perfect balance and a flavor of living sigh to life.

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