I can't compete with anyone // I'm a minimalist

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I run my race and avoid competition because I know if I pursue the competitive life that lifestyle will not leave me in good hands, I have seen people that compete how their life has become, I have also seen people that do away with trends but adopt a minimalist lifestyle, how their life has been.

This is how I have learned and seen what is the best way to live, being happy with the little I have is the key, and never looking at things that do not belong to me.

Yesterday, a young man was caught burglarizing his friends' house. The incident happens in my neighborhood. When his friend went out to look for something to give him, to show him his gratitude since he took time out of his busy schedule to visit him, and when he returned, his money that was on the table in the room was not there.

At first he thought that he could have left it in the store, where he buys the gift, but he called the saleswoman and she said that he had not forgotten anything in her store, he got worried and then he asked his friend, but his friend tells him that he had not seen any money on the table in his room since he came.

After looking for the money for a long time, he had to let it go and pay attention to his friend who came to visit him, they talked and his friend spent time with him, they played video games together in the room.

It was time for his friend who was visiting him to say go, that's when he put his hands in his pockets, and some money fell on the floor, he was embarrassed because he didn't think his friend could rob him, he picked it up and asked him to leave and never to think they were friends again.

The one who stole the money began to ask for forgiveness, at that moment the neighbors came out, including me and the whole incident was known. I felt sorry for the boy who steals, like what kind of spirit enters his mind that makes him steal.

People who came there asked him why did he stole money from his friend, he let them know that he wanted to use the money to buy the sunglasses he saw on the streets, he allowed the things he saw to make him steal, I now understand that he has been living a lifestyle of trends, many people gave him advice not to allow the things he could not afford to lure him into stealing.

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