Hygienic Lifestyle

As a young man, I do not need anyone to take care of me anymore, i plan my life and I keep everything in my room the way I want.

But that doesn't mean, I do not take time to arranged my things, because if I do not put my things in the right proportion, in my room, I will have a hard time laying down.

Water sachets are the things that disturbed me the most, after using them, if i could not take them to the dustbin, the water sachets would become a thing that makes me discomfort in the room.

Properly arranging of our waste is maintaining a well hygienic lifestyle, when we take good care of ourselves and our relatives, it means we will not fall sick mostly in our life's.

I wash my clothes every saturday of the week, so that I will not have any worry about unwashed clothes on the coming week, and this method has help me a lot in managing my minimalist lifestyle.

When clothes that needs to be washed are kept unwashed for long, it will make that our clothes to loose value and also loose it color, that is when you see some of them not shining anymore, like the way it was when we buy.

As of yesterday, I was having a hard time with my shoes, i went to the store and bought a gum, I used it to fix the shoes, it was just as easy, after I finished using it on the shoes, I can still see some gums inside the pack, then I covered it very tight and place it on my window, so that I will used it some other time.

Materials like gum can be really dangerous to our well-being, that is why it is very good to place it in a good place after used, so that it would not become a problem to the person who used it.

For example, if it mistakenly, touch your palm without you cleaning it on time, your hands can be bind together, then by trying to separate them, you could damaged your skin.

I suggest that used cans, sachets, packs and all sorts of water proof, should be taken straight to the waste bin after used, so that it would not become a problem to us and cause damage to our health.

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