Staying organized can be something really hard to attain especially when living with someone that cares less about an organized space. All my life, I've never lived alone so I've always had to deal with people's excesses when it comes to maintaining an organized space. Sometimes I just wish I can just stay all by myself and have my space all to myself but then I never get to see that happen.


I guess I'm already use to living with people, having them around is part of what makes me happy so instead of thinking of how to avoid them, I just think of ways to keep my space organized as much as possible with them around. I must say there are some days when I feel so lazy that I let some things be but then that only makes me feel uncomfortable and it never ends well for me. That even at some point when I'm not doing well, I still take the pain to just keep things in their right places.

I'm an organizer, I don't care where I find myself, as long as I know someone there (sometimes I don't), I don't mind putting things in order just to make the place look more presentable and comfortable for everyone. There are quite some really easy steps I take to keeping my space organized and clean.


Waking up early is one way I get to keep my space organized. This works for me most of the time because at this time everyone in the house are still sleeping so that gives me a good time and space to do my thing before they get active. I love cleaning and organizing when there is no one around and that's why waking up early to clear up everything or waiting for everyone to leave the house first is one way I get to keep my space organized.

Giving out things that I know are no longer useful in the house is another way I keep my space organized. Whenever I notice there is a particular thing I'm no longer have need of, I quickly give it out to someone who has need of it or I throw it away. Keeping things that are no longer useful is not my thing at all but sadly my dad always likes keeping some things even when it's not useful. So what I do is, I make sure I always do away with whatever is mine that I don't need and make sure to arrange his things in a good place.

Keeping everything clean as much as I can is another way I keep my space organized. When things are clean it's easy to put them in the right place where they should be. For example when clothes are dirty, it's hard to keep them organized all in one place. You will have to get a separate place for those clothes that are not clean and that would occupy more space and would make the house have some unpleasant smell too.


There is actually nothing like having your dishes clean all the time and your clothes washed too. It would be super easier for you to keep your space in order, more comfortable and welcoming to anyone. I know there are more ways but these are few ways to keep your space organized that have been quite effective for me and I'm so glad to share it with you.

This is my response to the #kiss for this week in the minimalist community. You are also welcomed to participate in it as well, it would be nice to have you share with us your thoughts on the topic.

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