Earning Endurance Fund While You Live in a Clutter-Packed Room

This is my entry for #Kiss_Prompt.
I am not allowed to excavate or rearrange anything throughout my stay. If it is a room where someone was living in before, $20 is a fair price.

That amount is valuable in my country, if I have ten of it every month, I would be glad and could do big things. Undoubtedly, the love of money will surely make me to feel like spending a week or more.

I surely want to live and earn. I know that I won't be the only one also, I surely will want to display how enduring I could be, how far I could tolerate the tolerable but uncomfortable situation.

If I live in the United States, I would not even think of staying a day because there are works that I could do that will pay me more than that in one hour.

Fortunately for me, I live in a nation where a dollar is enough for an average man to feed two times a day. A nation where our beautiful currency value want us to go out of our comfort zones and become emigrants.

I will utilize all the opportunities that I have to survive for more than two days. I can spend the money for the next 1 month.

I am a human being just like you and I have goals too. I would like to pay the price of endurance to remain there for at least 3 days. Afterall, I won't be stressing myself doing a lot. I believe I won't need a lot of sleep.


Once I could get a good standing and sitting position, I would be okay. That will sum up to $60 dollars. That will be enough to set up a mini shop where I can render services to people.

Will it be okay for me to endure just three days and enjoy for the rest of the month. Yes, it will be okay with me. However, I might still want to come back the next month, since it is a room for earning endurance funds.

Until I have a better source of income, I won't hesitate coming back. since it is a better option for me. I have to go for the better.

I might need access to my phone and internet connection and electricity. I might not last three days without these. it might be too boring.

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