Dealing with lack Self-worth

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Hi, this is my first time writing in this community. I spotted this thread and I decided to step in.

At certain moments we all have felt emotional down.
I have experienced several instances when I was emotionally sad but the one that took me far down into despair was the 2 years ago.


I was pursuing admission into the higher institution and had written my entrance test to the University 3 times. Most of my pals were already there and would ridicule me.
Funny enough, I performed well in all the examinations and constantly pray to God to aid me. I was going for medical and surgery and wasn't granted entrance.

Close to my tests I would even attend evening courses and read my eyeballs out close to the exams.
It came to the point I felt maybe college wasn't for me and I could set up a company. I was performing well in high school therefore why it is hard now to attend the university?
Many thoughts of depression. Dir the first time in my life I questioned myself that maybe I wasn't good enough.

I lost several of my pals since they thought I wasn't attending class again. Sometimes I call and they would form busy stating they are in classes simply to dodge my calls. It was very heart hurting. Thank God for the family I had who never got tired of enrolling me in each year's test or belittling me.
My mother would also remark "when it's God's time it will happen

The penultimate year before the one that got me admittance. I was offered another course which I declined. I lt wasn't was I wanted. At least I wanted anything relevant to health. When I chose to write the 3rd test, I recalled how I prayed to God to aid me and not put me to shame.
It was my final JAMB test that earned me my present admission.

During those moments of me being emotionally low. I simply had to read inspiring novels. I also have to keep away from toxic friends that made me feel less of myself.

I invite @projectmambg to join. Lemme hear your thoughts. You can know more about it here

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