Climate change; preventing the worse yet to come.

A lot of things are changing in the present world and climate is not excluded. In the last decade, we all can testify to the change in the weather and seasons we experience yearly. I have come across several articles about excessive snow, temperature shooting past normal, and absence or excessive rainfall on different blogs and all these have proven that climate change is real.

It is a global problem caused by humans and every part of the world is bearing the consequences of our actions on nature. I have seen people blaming industries for climate change which is true because of how much toxic waste they release into the atmosphere but the fact is that aside from industrial waste, almost every individual in the world today has a hand in the issue of climate change we are experiencing globally.

Going forward, I doubt if there is anything we can do to restore the perfect climatic conditions we use to have before but we can prevent things from getting worse than it has been. I don't know why but I have the feeling that we are yet to see the worse repercussions of climate change and things will only get worse if nothing is done to reduce the human activities promoting climate change.


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Tackling the issue of climate change without working on the world population is like trying to fly with one wing. The more we make progress with climate change if possible, the more overpopulation will drag us back if it is not tackled first.

The world population is growing too fast and that's one of the things affecting our climate. We blame industrial action and government whereas they are trying to meet up with the population demand.

Let's take for instance, there is a country with a population of 500 families and every family has 20 plots for themselves. Let's assume that each family gives birth and those children also grow to have their kids. One day, they will outgrow the space and the resources available to them. The need for more space and resources will warrant that they dig more in nature which unknowingly to them might automatically affect a lot of things.

The government will be forced to also provide amenities or infrastructures that will match the increase in population and they will start putting pressure on nature.

Until overpopulation is tackled, I doubt if anything can be done to bring the climate back to normal. It is impossible to start reducing the world population but we can caution people by telling them about the effect of excessive birth and how it can affect the world further.

What are the causes of climate change?

I mentioned earlier the need for expansion which has resulted in a compulsory development in the world has fuel the causes of climate change.

The need for infrastructure, houses, and many other reasons has led to deforestation. The need for different resources like gas, and electricity has promoted industrial activities such as mining, and dredging and those heavy machines aren't doing any good to nature. Deforestation, mining, pollution, industrial activities, and many other human activities have led to climate change.

It's our fault and we can't expect any miracle to make the amendment, we just have to work on our activities to prevent climate change from getting worse.

The solution to climate change is difficult and it starts with controlling how we reproduce in the world today. Doing this will ease the pressure on the need for development globally.

Curbing deforestation activities.

The cutting down of trees is doing us no go and it has contributed to climate change. As we all know that trees absorb carbon dioxide and when they are cut, they release it back into the atmosphere. Releasing carbon back into the atmosphere causes the earth to harbor more heat, therefore causing the atmosphere to heat up irregularly.

To prevent this from happening, the rate of deforestation has to reduce because it can't be completely stopped since we depend on trees for a lot of things in the world today.

Controlling Pollution and managing waste.

The world waste and pollution rate has increased drastically, it would interest you to know that overpopulation has contributed to this. There are several industries out there releasing carbon from their heavy machines into the atmosphere and it doesn't end with that. Plastic waste, food waste and other forms of waste not disposed properly are also contributing to climate change but is it possible for us not to generate waste?

It's impossible and to prevent climate change from worsening we just need to manage our waste properly by recycling recyclable materials.

Recycling can help in a lot of ways which includes reducing our industrial waste because when we recycle, there won't be pressure on industries to mine or drill the natural resources from the ground. When industries have limited work to do, the waste they will generate will reduce a lot.

Improper disposal of food waste and other forms of waste ends up releasing carbon into the atmosphere which is as well not good for us. We must reduce our waste and also recycle the recyclables among those waste.

Cutting our use of artificial energy.

Humans consume lots of artificial energy which is generated from gas, coal, electricity, and others. All these things also play a major role in climate change but many of us aren't aware of it.

Our cars, power generator, and many other engines release carbon into the atmosphere as a result of burning gas and this isn't good. We can't stop vehicles from working because we need them badly, engines are needed for production so it's impossible to do away with energy.

To help ourselves, we should switch to renewable energies. This won't do the whole job though but it will go a long way for us in helping ourselves with climate change. The use of solar power at work and home can go a long way for us and we will be able to save a lot of energy.

Renewable energies will reduce our dependence on artificial energy and that can extend our time before the worse happens. We need artificial energies and it is impossible to get rid of them completely.

All these things seem impossible but they are all possible if we are disciplined enough to apply the solutions I have listed in the article. If we all understand how worse climate change can become then we will see the need to embrace these solutions.

The world still lacks knowledge about the effect of climate change and before anything, awareness of the effect must be created first.

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