Happiness heals like magic

Good day, amazing people of the hive block chain. Welcome back to my blog. This is another beautiful week.


I have come to understand that happiness is one of the most necessary things every human needs. Happiness brightens the soul and the mind, and happiness helps us stay alive. No human enjoys being moody, so it is important for us to always stay happy.

I am this kind of person who doesn’t joke with my happiness in any way that will take it away. I avoid it for my own well-being. I cherish whatever puts a smile on my face.

There are so many things that make us happy. When you find out that particular thing that makes you happy, don’t joke with it.

As a minimalist, I have made the decision to always make myself happy because of my mental health, and for my total well-being, I am not charged for happiness, so therefore, I make every moment of my life memorable.

I have come to a stage in life where the only thing I think about is what happiness means to me.


How do I achieve my happiness in an easy way?

I make every moment of life count. I always try my best to stay happy every day of my life.

Gift of life Each day I wake up, I am very happy and grateful to my maker for giving me reason to live. The air that I breathe and the good health I enjoy give me joy. Seriously, there is this happiness in my heart. Anytime I see a bright new day, hearing the birds sing a sweet melody makes me more happy because I enjoy the free gift of nature.


Putting a smile on people's faces is another thing that makes me happy, especially on the faces of the little kids. Those amazing smiles on their faces make me happy. Extending a hand and giving to the needy always gives me joy. Since helping the needy makes me happy, I have taken it upon myself to always do this. Without happiness, the world will not be a better place.


If you really want to live a long time, always be happy. I know that most times things will upset us, but we should never allow them to take over our happiness.

All pictures are mine.

Thank you for stopping by my blog. I really appreciate your comments, support, and upvotes.

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