All You've Got To Do.


There's always an easy way to happiness. All we've just got to do is to free our minds from worry and truly breathe. Truly, life is busy, and 24 hours is barely enough to keep things in place. Truly, life can sometimes be a big pain in the ass that it changes our mood and our attitude to things around us. Truly, life can make a successful plan go down the drain and watch us beat ourselves with guilt, doubt, and worry.

And the truth is that we know these things about life. We know that there's a lot to living or being alive that meets the eye. We know without anyone telling us that things won't be all rosy in life because we have experienced numerous unspeakable things.

But if you don't know all these, I do know them because life has shown me a lot and I have acted on things in ways I shouldn't because I was angry not just at the doer but mostly at myself for allowing such things to take place. I have starved myself of being truly happy with a facade of happiness that didn't come from within.

However, after carefully evaluating myself, I realized there was a lot more happiness in me than I could imagine. I saw the beauty that surrounded me in the form of nature and music, and I healed... Well, I am still healing in some aspects.

I have come to realize that one does not need a huge thing to be happy, which is why happiness was easy to incorporate into my life with no stress. Being happy brought some necessary ideals to my life, which made me appreciate things more and truly find the guts to live life.

I stopped being scared for a long time, though it wasn't easy incorporating this into my life. But as they say, practice makes perfect, and as each day passes by with shocking revelation and life being life, I may sometimes feel down, but it doesn't last for long. Instead of beating down myself on what has already happened, I take it in and do the needful.

The practice of mindfulness came into place as I became aware of things that have happened and have a good thought about it. With some breathing exercise, I close my eyes, and the smile that comes after is never thought on. It just settles in, and in less than a minute, I absorb the energy around me and breathe out with a bigger smile. Doing this has become a daily routine to clear my mind and be more aware of my surroundings.


Creating the time to walk around nature and view nature always gives that splendid feeling that can never be bought. It calms the mind and erases the stress of a millennium just by walking as the wind gently leads you on.

Also, listening to music and watching movies have always made the day more fun. There's the sort of unbelievable spice music adds to the soul, especially when the song played just fits the mood rightly. And there is a song that is ringing in my head as I write, and I present to you Cool by Aloha

Whenever this song plays, it brings a sweet memory to my life, which in turn gratifies my heart. The scene in the movie it is gotten from always making me laugh, and here's another clip from the same song

Let's see which one out of the two videos makes you smile. Hehe, the first one is a compilation of some scenes in the movie while the other is a karaoke.

Listening to songs like this brings happy tears to my eyes, and the fun part of it all is that I can't stay a day without listening to music. Just like I have stated at the beginning of this post;

"There's always an easy way to happiness. You've just gotta find your way."

Images used are mine, and the videos are gotten from #YouTube.

Still yours truly,

Thanks for reading and listening.

Peace be unto those who crave it and more to those who chase it away.

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