Acolyte of Azathoth - Basalt Keep of Wilven the Yellow Art


Greetings all! Here's another concept art piece for the Basalt Keep of Wilven the Yellow. This is an Acolyte of Azathoth, the Demon Sultan of the H.P. Lovecraft mythos. These embodiments of madness are normally found in the void, in orbiting subjugation to their lord Azathoth. However, once in a while, these horrors slip through a fold in spacetime and can appear in seemingly random spots. Usually this only occurs at the site of great interdimensional upheaval. So of course, Wilven and his transdimensional keep are a rather natural draw for this type of transdimensional entity, though they are but one of the horrors and anomalies that lurk in Wilven's mad isle. Cheers and happy gaming!

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