10 bands of 10 musical genres (Musical recommendations)



Greetings friends, in this post I will mention 10 musical groups or musicians of 10 different musical genres, that are of my total liking, that I can listen for years and I do not get tired, although it is limited by all the musical tastes, there are many musicians and bands that I like a lot, but maybe I will mention what for me are the top 10.

Death (Death Metal)

Death, is one of my favorite bands, almost cult musical and father of the Death Metal genre. Its main member Chuck Schuldiner, now deceased, was a virtuoso when composing each musical piece of this band. Each musical album, was growing progressively and the musical quality was much better.

Ulver (Black Metal)

Although Ulver has experimented with various musical genres, from its beginnings as Black Metal, through Folk and now currently making Electronic Music. Definitely I like the facet of that guitar riff sound with a lot of distortion and gutturals, characterized by Black Metal. Even so, I still like their new experimental proposals.

Stratovarius (Power Metal)

From Stratovarius, I like the execution of each music that integrates it, the virtuosity of it, as well as the musical composition and lyrics, no doubt they bought a very good discography to listen to a whole afternoon of good music.

Judas Priest (Heavy Metal)

Listening to Judas Priest is pure energy that makes you move, Rob Halford's voice and guitar playing make the perfect harmony to listen to good Heavy Metal.

The Gathering (Gothic Metal)

The Gathering and specifically their album Mandylion, is to listen to very subtle music and at the same time with a lot of strength in their musical instruments. They kept a Gothic Metal feel, but at the same time they squeezed with other sounds that literally make you transport you with their music.

Pearl Jam (Grunge)

What would Grunge be without Pearl Jam ? I think it would be missing something, and that's why this band set a very important tone in the 90's, creating a new musical trend that lasts until today.

Rammstein (Industrial Metal)

To define Rammstein, is to say that they are Industrial Metal, a band that manages to squeeze with several musical elements, with electronic music bases, heavy guitars and a very peculiar voice, makes their sound authentic and very pleasant.

Sepultura (Groove Metal)

Sepultura, formed an evolutionary part in several musical influences, a little bit of Death Metal, Heavy Metal, Punk, Black Metal and others, to give a very characteristic sound of them, besides containing lyrics ranging from criticism towards war conflicts, as well as protest.

Moby (Electronic Music)

Moby can be any musical genre, from Punk Rock to Electronic Music, but the latter characterizes more as the basis of his music, slow and relaxed. It even reaches a point that when you listen to it, it makes you reflect on many things.

Gipsy Kings (Flamenco)

This musical genre and this band in specific, is joy, is nostalgia and laments, everything will depend on its composition, but a cocktail of rhythms and pleasant melodies, from the typical singing of this genre, as well as the execution of the guitars.


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