"Want Me" New Trap Beat Drop


Some days you create a beat and you can just feel it that it's going to be good. Now while I love all the music I make of course there's always a few that end up being my favorite. I have to say this is one of those! It's a trap style beat with some lyric mixed into it which I feel blended very well and really brought this beat and song together.


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Still moving strong on the beat release. I've now been dropping a new beat every Friday for the last 3 months! Hard to believe it's been three months already and a huge support from Hive. Music is one of those touchy things where not everyone is going to like your music and guess what THAT's OK!

What's cool about Hive though is I can push my tracks to a wide audience and understand that only a few of them are going to like it. What's important though is it's yet another and powerful way to reach more people. Not only that but it helps fund and offset expenses that come with production of music and beats. The time, the equipment etc. My goal is to build HBD and start earning a bit passivly on that front in order to fund more creation but I totally understand that is going to take some time.

Have an amazing weekend you all and let me know if you enjoy this beat or didn't.

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