Peaky by Valor Beats

Peaky is one of the last beats I'll be making for a bit in the hip hop space. After this I'm going to transition into LoFi beats for a bit being that school and work will start ramping up and many people enjoy that chill LoFi vibe over the more higher energy type music. The trick for me is going to be figuring out what to name these lofi tracks any ideas?

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So there you have it the last track for a while that will be in the hip hop beat style and next we move into LoFi for the next few months to see if any of those tracks can be picked up.

The goal now is to split up the current 25 tracks I've released and build some playlists out of them on youtube. I might also look into do a 24 hour live stream for the tracks on both Twitch and Youtube and see how that plays out for exposure. Most likely that will be the LoFi tracks as I still need to figure out how to really go about doing that. I'm thinking some type of low end mini computer just to run the stream constantly but if anyone has any insight into that it would be greatly appreciated.

Enjoy the tracks, enjoy life and remember to treat each other good. Have a blessed day friends and thank you for all of the continued support!

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