"Mortal" by Valor Beats Trap Beat


Mortal is a new vibe I created as a test to see reactions to different types of music styles. This is more of your deep trap style beat which is often found in dances. It reminds me of hip hop style dance movies and how they where a big thing in the early to mid 2000's.


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Valor beats continues to grow but the pace slowed a bit as of my last writing. I had hoped I'd be at 2k plays daily off of Spotify but we trailed down to just a little over 1k. That makes me think either the quality or value in the beats might not be what people are looking for and I'll start making adjustments based on some other hyped up style beats the people enjoy listening to on repeat and adding to playlists.

I'm also again debating on maybe holding off on the lofi till early sprint like August or not or if I should just go for it through the summer. Maybe a smaller sample summer chill vibes lofi beat which can be played out at the pool or in the spa etc. Just some ideas going through my head at the moment about direction to move in next. Above all though you all rock and the support is amazing to have here on Hive. I'm also going to start saving up my HBD as a way to build some passive style income from the music I create. I feel like that could be a good direction to go and something I could push towards other music artists as a way to build revenue and passive income for their creations.

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