Instance By Valor Beats

Instance was a creation in which I added in some soft vocals to give it a little more depth. At some point I want to freelance or partner up with someone for solid vocals to one of the songs and see how it does. I believe occasional partnerships like this could be the next level in getting more exposure for myself but also the artist who is partnered up with me.

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I also just wrapped up three new tracks which I spent some extra time on. That actully landed me for one missed week of where I didn't drop a new beat. It felt weird! lol but I guess it's alright and progression will keep going with the music and beats. I believe the extra time spent will yield some better level beats that can be listened to on repeat. I have to say the one where I went a bit out of my element and took me about twice as long to make sounds amazing (at least to me) The title of that one will be Godwin so be on the look out for it some time next month.

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