Forget by Valor Beats

Forget brings back some classic vibes and drops the beat hard for this trap system beat. I've been noticing this a lot about popular artists lately. They take very old beats that were hits and mimic them but lay some new upbeat trends to it to make it unique and it seems to really do well!

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Alright so I got a little busy sadly and couldn't keep up with everything and this slacked a bit with my posting here. However things are looking GREAT in terms of new listeners and the content still rolling out. While I didn't get to promote my music as much it still grew and that's simply amazing.

Spotify now shows over 1,300 monthly listeners which is EPIC!

The youtube channel has grown and a number of songs are pushing higher and now gaining traction. What I feel is really eye opening about this is that most people would have given up by now. It's taken a solid 4-6 months to get to this point but it's starting to really snowball. If I had given up last month I would have missed out on all of this amazing growth.

The Lo-fi is till coming I promise!

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