"Dream" by Valor Beats


Sometimes it can feel like just a dream and this beat brings back some of those old school vibes. It seems fitting since many of us might feel like we are living in a dream with all the crazy going on in the world right now. Not only personal but abroad. Remember to take care of yourself first so you can better help others who need it later.
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I had hopes that crypto would be a way to generate some revenue from music and it was looking promising trust me! But with this drastic down turn and only a bit in HBD at the moment that's collecting 20% APR right now the $ value has dried up something awful.

However I heard from a friend of mine that I should throw that thinking out the window and instead focus long term. While everyone else is feeling this way and a majority will stop accumulating crypto during these times it's actully critical to stick with it and try and build faster so when the rally does come you'll be in a far better position.

I'm going to take those words of wisdom and continue to move forward.

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