Power⚡ of Music🎶 🎧- Superb musical🥁🎻🎸 compositions inspired by the dark legends of the Nordic peoples.

Power of Music - Superb musical compositions inspired by the dark legends of the Nordic peoples.

These soundtracks are certainly some of the most successful songs made on this fantastic theme ..... a theme, of Viking. The sounds of Viking musical compositions refer to Nordic culture and their war, medieval instruments as well as talented artists in the music industry, do nothing but keep the Viking culture alive. I like these mixed sounds of up tempo, bass, swing, electric jazz, acoustic and jazz rock.

Danheim is a Danish artist and i was honestly surprised by his productions. The sounds of animals, the loud cries of battle create a musical atmosphere, quite mysterious. As can be seen, he managed to create engaging, energizing songs that offer an intense vibe. I really love those mixes of tribal instruments combined with modern electronic sounds.

In general, i'm captivated by the mythologies of the world, by those fantastic legendary stories that teach me a small lesson. That is, we are all aware that the Vikings were famous for their courage and inclination to war, but also to worship the gods in a rather macabre way. A brutal people of conquerors and explorers who were known for robbing villages and riding ornamental boats.

Ok, i really recommend listening the following video. The song is a composition created by a Norwegian folk band.

Having recently discovered this Norwegian band, i can say that Wardruna seems to be a rather unconventional band. Listening to this band is like taking a little trip to a forest, being one with nature. Like the first musical band, present above - Wardruna is inspired by mythological characters like Loky or mythological locations like Yggrasil.

Just try to listen this. The following songs belong to the band Gealdyr. This is an ambitious Nordic folk music project, created by Jonathan Barendsma. Using classical instruments such as the lyre or acoustic guitar, this group offers awesome calm sounds.

According to Norse mythology, Jötunheimr is a dark place, surrounded by dark forests and huge mountain peaks. It is supposed that even the bravest northern gods are afraid to walk on these strange lands. Jötunheimr was considered to be the home of the giants (Jötnar in the Nordic language). This land was one of the nine in northern cosmology. It was also known as Utgard which means "Beyond the Fence"

I sincerely love this piece of music, i😅😁 may still listen in continue. The most pleasant component is the vocal interpretation, clean and ambient at the same time. At the end of this post, i can say that due to the fact that it offers a strong instrumental ambiance, Gealdyr👍 is worth listening🎧🎶 to.

Thank🙂 you for your precious time on this little post. All🙋‍♂️the best & Happy✨🎆🎇 New Year To 🌍Everyone**

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