Brand new composition JAZZ+ELECTRO+FUNK //// Victory Lap and Standing Ovation


Earlier this week I made a post about my new home studio set-up and also a quick production test that gave birth to a funky electro track from the said set-up here.

Now I am going deeper as I still need to test everything. Why? Because when you connect 3 massive power bars, dispatching 25+ instrument connections, to 5 mixers, it's unlikely you won't produce hum, static, feedback or other undesirable noisy consequences. But not on my watch, because the OCD in me is on top of that type of shit...

So I recorded a complex composition that uses a bunch of different instruments and you can consider this a post test victory lap as my new studio is now sanctified by myself, one of the biggest badges of honor I can think of.

As mentioned, many instruments are used in this new composition. Here is a list:
Piano, fretless Bass, Lyra-8 synth, Old school drum machines; Korg Electribe Ea-1 and Er-1, Yamaha Reface CP, Arturia Micro-Freak, Korg Volca Beats and finally the retro Korg Poly-800.

Mixing all styles and genres all the time can be confusing for new listeners that don't know in what box they should put you. But if you heard my music before you must already know I'm totally out of the box, I tore it apart, had a dump on it and violently danced on it's remains because I can be intense like that.

So we start Jazz, then add ambient noise, then electro funk + more Jazz to confuse anyone still standing.




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