MusicMonday - Grooving To Some Rockabilly

So I've been strumming the blues on the acoustic guitar and now that I started restoring my old electric guitar I've been thinking about getting back into playing some rockabilly / psychobilly. Honestly not sure if I could play this fast even if I tried 😆

The Quakes - I Miss You

These guys grew up in my neighborhood. Every Friday night in the early 80s these guys would set up a small drum kit, the stand up bass, and an acoustic guitar in Bidwell park and jam rockabilly for all the neighborhood punk rock kids. Eventually they started playing bars and clubs. Psychobilly was never a huge movement in the US. It was pretty underground and appreciated mostly by punk rock kids. Eventually the lead singer went to the UK to try his luck where there was an actual scene and people digging this style of music. It took awhile but after reforming the band they finally made it in Europe!

Guana Batz - Live in Milano

Psychobilly is a sub genre of rockabilly. A lot of modern rockabilly is psychobilly crossover stuff. Some great live footage here. I love the fifties style rock n roll guitar playing. Just fun stuff to play and borders a lot of basic blues styles and early rock n roll styles.

Klingonz - 1991

Love the hard driving guitar in these tracks. This is more of the style of music I played when I was a kid. I still love playing these rock n roll style rhythms but I don't think I could play this fast now if I tried.

Social Distortion - Live at CBGB's

One of my all time favorite bands right here. I've always wanted to see these guys live and they're one of the few bands I've never seen :(

The Reverend Horton Heat

Another band I've never seen live.

Well these are my psychobilly / rockabilly picks for this week. I absolutely love this style of music. I guess you could say it's a crossover of early rock n roll and punk rock. From Rockabilly we got psychobilly and the genre broke down into several other genres from there. Gothabilly, surfabilly etc. Call it what ever you want, I call it hard driving rock n roll!

Thanks for reading and rock on!