Who Do You Wish You Could Be Like?

Hello Hello lads and lassies of Hive.

It is Tuesday already and thanks to the super awesome @coquicoin for reminding me to write and publish my #ttt post for this week, well for today actually.

I have had a song in my flipping head since the weekend, I am not sure where I heard it, but I am sure some of you will know it, and it relates to the title of this post. I just felt it was my duty to share, being the caring sharing madman that I am🤣

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In the meantime, this is my post for #threetunetuesday the awesome weekly tune share initiative by the magical Irishman @ablaze his post for the week is The Flaming Lips for Three Tune Tuesday Week 57

If you wish to participate then I defer to the simple jist on how to do it from @ablaze ...

The jist is as follows

Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs which I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #ttt or #threetunetuesday tags that would be great. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the prize - more on that later.

So let's get the turntable spinning.

The song that I mentioned has two versions that I know of. I like both bands so I like them both. The Jam did a cover version but I shall play the original from The Kinks.

The Kinks ~ David Watts

The song in question is David Watts. It was written by Ray Davies of The Kinks and was released in 1967. The Jam released their cover version in 1978.
The lyrics are great, and David Watts is a real person, although I am not sure if he is still with us.

So who do you wish you could be like?

Okay and now for something completely different. Festival season is well underway and with it has come the usual bloody rain!

We were due to have a festival a few weeks ago here in my town, but the promotors went bankrupt and some people lost their ticket money. A flipping shame as it was to be on the beach promenade and had some bands I liked.

As some of you will know Glastonbury was on over the last weekend and the next artist played there in 2017 just after he became a sensation here.

He has some great tunes, but I have chosen Skin as it just features himself without any other collaborative vocalists that he often does.

Rag 'n' Bone Man ~ Skin

His real name is Rory Graham and chose Rag 'n' Bone Man because he used to watch reruns of the rag and bone man UK sitcom Steptoe And Sons.

He has such an enchanting voice I think.

The last tune was one I saw being performed live quite a few years ago in Derbyshire. They are one of the best festival bands I have seen, and always put in an awesome performance.

I bring you ...

Dub Pistols ~ Real Gangster

Note: The three YouTube videos that I have shared are not owned by me, I am simply spreading great music on Hive.

I hope you enjoyed these tunes, and time to check some more awesome #ttt posts out!

All images and ramblings are from me, the mad Scotsman @TengoLoTodo unless otherwise stated.


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