Looking For ATH

Hello, music lovers!

I created one song with Boomy AI again. Until now, I have only used this service (or somewhere I read they call it this method) for background sound in animations, such as this.

Well, now I've decided to make it a stand-alone song. I know there are dilemmas and debates about whether or not it's even authorship, but I've put a certain amount of effort into it, it just takes a while to get, roughly, what you want. (Similar to text prompts when I do AI images, but otherwise it's a different process).

I believe it doesn't compare to real music composition, but if you've never done it before, and you have no musical background or experience, that's something too.
Anyway, no matter what, I feel like an author, I won't say a musician or a composer.

The title is "Looking for ATH", where ATH stands for All Time High. You're probably familiar with this term if you're involved in crypto...
I don't know exactly what subgenre of electronic music I would put it in. Maybe Deep techno? What do I know ...
But I'll keep experimenting with Boomy, from time to time.

The visualiser is made in Adobe Premiere using Chung Dha Kaleidoscope Presets from my older video bits and animations.

One more thing about Boomy, (I'm not affiliated with it in any way), but another option to distribute your content to be heard :)
Boomy also allows you to release albums and if the music is accepted by them, they distribute it on various on-line streaming platforms. If anyone is interested in more details, I have already released two albums, Fractal Chunks and Mushroomify :).

Thank you for your attention!


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