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It's Tuesday, time for #threetunetuesday, and a chance for me to share something I'm listening to.
My last post here was a week ago, and continue with the music, I'm recalling memories from the past together with you.

Today I present a musician, mostly a one-man band, who only in his adult years has seen his music being appreciated by everyone, from music critics to the public.

Steven Gene Wold, or Seasick Steve, is from Outland, California, USA. He is a blues musician, worked as a recording engineer in the US and Europe back in the '60s, played in various bands, bass guitar in Shanti, and Crystal Grass, produced an album for Modest Mouse, and did the usual manual jobs to make ends meet when he wasn't working with music.
As Seasick Steve, a one-man band, he first started to be recognized in the UK, and in 2006 he was featured by Jools Holland on one of his TV shows. Since then his career has been on the up, he has recorded 14 albums and most of them have been commercially very successful.
Even now, at the age of 72, he is still performing at festivals and his last album Only On Vinyl was released in 2022.

He is also known for making and modifying his instruments - guitars and all.
Most of the music is rhytm'n'blues style, there's no philosophizing, you just have to hear it and it's immediately clear why it's there.

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For those of you who are not (yet) familiar with #threetunetuesday or #ttt - these are tags you need to set when you post.
It's a music initiative started by @ablaze, and with his words, the jist is as follows:

Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs that I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #threetunetuesday tag that would be great, as that is what I use when sifting through all the entries every Wednesday. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the reward.

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So, to continue with the music, I've picked out a few clips.

Seasick Steve - You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks

This is a song from his sixth album of the same name, from 2011. I put it in the first place because it was through this song that I met him about ten years ago and started to follow him. I watched this video, which is actually a top-notch animation in the style of Fritz The Cat from the seventies or the Cocco Bill cartoons from Jacovitti. I still show this video to somebody as a reference as a good video (if anybody listens to me anymore, hahah). The whole story is still relevant, but you'll see...

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Seasick Steve - Diddley Bo

This is a song from the fourth album Man From Another Time from 2009, and the Diddley Bow is one of those homemade one-string instruments. And he also described it in a very funny way at the beginning and then played it. In live concerts, he is usually accompanied by Dan Magnusson on percussion. I don't know at which gig this was recorded. The recording is from 2013.

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Seasick Steve - Hobo Low

This is a song from the second Dog House Music album from 2006. This clip is from Ireland's Other Voices Festival in 2010. It's about a loner (Hobo?) wandering around Memphis who just drinks and remembers nothing 😂

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Well, let's have a bonus :)

Seasick Steve Back In The Dog House

The song is from the album You Can't Teach An Old Dog New Tricks. Yeah, he had a lot to do with dogs at that time, haha, he already knew why.

That's all for today, thank you for your attention. I hope today's selection was interesting and put you in a relaxed mood like it did me :)

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This is my 36th post for #threetunetuesday, which was started by @ablaze. I hope what I'm sharing is interesting for others too, because then it makes sense.

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