ThreeTuneTuesday: Sister Machine Gun

Hello music lovers! ğŸŽµ

It's been a while since my last #ttt post. Maybe it's time for another one!

As I'm without commitments and on vacation, I don't feel like looking new music for #newtunes, I prefer to listen to something older, browse USB sticks for old mixes and enjoy the music, and the sunshine, (actually, it's raining right now here), but I could use a little refreshment after the intense heat and sweltering heat.
With a cold beer in hand, of course. :)

For those of you who are not (yet) familiar with #threetunetuesday or #ttt - these are tags you need to set when you post.
It's a music initiative started by @ablaze, and with his words, the jist is as follows:

Every Tuesday I'm going to share 3 songs which I like to listen to and I invite your feedback in the comments below. Better still, why not have a blast of your own Three Tune Tuesday and mention me in the post and I'll come and find the post and upvote it. If you could also use #threetunetuesday tag that would be great, as that is what I use when sifting through all the entries every Wednesday. It'll be a sweet way for us all to discover new music. You'll also be in with a chance of winning the prize.

Well, to continue, after quite some time, I came across Sister Machine Gun on a mix, an American industrial rock band from the early 1990s, which I listened to for a while, but then it went into oblivion....

They didn't have much commercial success, but the music was sonically rich and changed from album to album. They were active from 1990-2007, released 8 studio albums, the last one in 2015 when they re-formed, but now there is no trace of them anymore...
Their biggest success came with their third album Burn in 1995, which reached number 7 on the CMJ Radio Top 200.

Sister Machine Gun - Not My God

A song from their 1992 debut album Sins From The Flesh.

ğŸŽµ ğŸŽ§ ğŸŽ¤

Sister Machine Gun - Burn

From the 1995 album of the same name.

ğŸŽµ ğŸŽ§ ğŸŽ¤

Sister Machine Gun - Torque

From the 1997 album Metropolis. As a curiosity, it is also featured in the soundtrack for the visual documentary "Digital Snow: Music Motion Picture Show" about snowboarding.

ğŸŽµ ğŸŽ§ ğŸŽ¤

This is my 20th post for #threetunetuesday, which was started by @ablaze. I hope what I'm sharing is interesting for others too, because then it makes sense.

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The cover image is mine, created in Night Cafe Studio and edited in Photoshop.


That's all for today, thank you for your attention.

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Stay Healthy!

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