New Tunes 30.12.2022

Hello music lovers! 🎡 🎧 🎡

How are you? Lots of music this year, isn't it? As far as I'm concerned, I have to admit quite a lot.
46 #newtunes posts, 7 #threetunetuesday posts, and 40 live music videos. Music is an integral part of my life.
That's the last #newtunes post this year.

Maybe you'll have a tune left for the weekend, or for the New Year celebrations. If it doesn't, that's fine too.
Just skip it if you don't like it.


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The Trouble Notes - "La Sarriette"

I'll start today with a new band for me which is a very pleasant surprise. They're Hivers, @thetroublenotes.
Their saying:

We sitting somewhere between traditional folk, gritty punk rock, and tribal dance music

fits their musical and arty expressions.
You can check their videos on 3speak, but I featured "La Sarriette" which represents, for me, an excellent mix of all the above influences mentioned above. The rooster that crows in the song is also great (but I don't know if it's real). :)

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Laibach is probably the most-known Slovenian band. This song is a tribute to Leonard Cohen's (1934-2016) song "The Future", from his self-titled studio album from 1992, with a new interpretation of Cohen's pre-apocalyptic track "The Future".
This version of Cohen's song, which reminds and warns at the same time about ghosts from the past which are coming back, shows us that the future prediction Cohen sang about is very similar to our present.

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Mdou Moctar- Sibidoul (Live)

Mahamadou Souleymane or Mdou Moctar is a songwriter and musician mostly known as a guitarist who performed rock and blues in Tuareg style music. I think he is one of the best guitarists alive and has a lot to show for it. Some even compare him to Jimi Hendrix.
This song is from his last album Niger EP Vol.1, actually the penultimate one because he immediately released Niger EP Vol.2. Definitely worth a listen.

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Inner Terrestrials - Enemy Within (Live)

Inner Terrestrials is a British punk band from London, playing a mix of punk, dub, ska, and folk. The lyrics are very political and cover anarchism, war, land ownership, and so on. This song is a live recording from their latest album "The Plague Tapes". Considering that they usually record for small and more or less unknown underground labels, that's a great live production.

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Broken Lock - 50 miles

Another Slovenian band, Broken Lock, from Črnomelj, which I've been following since they started in 1995, has (finally) released a new album "Postmodern songs" after seven years.
Heavy-octane guitar riffs and a sticky bass line on a psychedelic stoner backing take us somewhere to the areas where Soundgarden and Kyus used to rule.
Nowadays, it's very rare to hear anything like that.

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Goat - Chukua Pesa

Goat is a Swedish band, a new name for me, and when I read that they were Swedish I immediately thought of a black or death metal band. Especially if the title of the fourth, after six years new album, is "Oh Death".
But I was wrong. They actually play groovy dirty psychedelic rock with world music influences. You can hear Indian-African fusion, Afrobeat, Latin, and much more. I recommend the whole album, not just this track.

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Heroes And Monsters - Locked and loaded

Heroes And Monsters is a very fresh group, a so-called power trio, with a debut album to be released in January 2023, made up of experienced musicians. Todd Kerns is a multi-instrumentalist, singer, bassist, and frontman of the Canadian band The Age Of Electric and Toque. Guitarist Stef Burns has played with Alice Cooper, and Huey Lewis & The News currently plays with Italian rock superstar Vasco Rossi. Will Hunt has been the drummer in Evanescence since 2007, a studio musician for Black Label Society, Vince Neil, Slaughter, and more others.
A new group for me, I think it's the first time I've featured a group suggested to me by YouTube. Hard rock style is heard, classic metal riffs and howls, tight and rhythmic drumming, and punchy vocals.

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The Weeknd - Nothing Is Lost

And finally, globally, the biggest hit on all streaming charts and YT right now, is the film soundtrack from "Avatar: The Way Of Water". I like film music, more rock, of course, but Johnny Mnemonic, for example, or Pulp Fiction seems to me to be a cut above the rest.
But this film music that we have here was actually written for this movie. It was written by The Weeknd, with production help from Swedish House Mafia and Grammy Award-winning composer Simon Franglen.
The visual effects in the film are stunning, I wouldn't debate the content, it will certainly be (or has been) debated in other communities. What do I know, after 13 days it has over 10 million streams on YT.

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More #newtunes?
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Listen loud!

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