New Tunes 27.10.2023

Hello music lovers! 🎢

It's the last Friday in October and there are pumpkins all over the street! But it won't be without music.

The #newtunes selection of new music to brighten up your weekend (if you're up for it, of course) is here. Two legends, the rest unknown musicians trying to be remembered in their own way.

It costs you nothing to support musicians by listening to their latest works. Well, a few minutes of your valuable time.
But if you don't like something, you can just skip it.


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Secret Nudist Friends - Mirror

Secret Nudist Friends is a new name for me. It's a DIY and queer music band from the local Philadelphia scene. They've been around since 2014 and have released a whole bunch of albums and EPs. This month, the latest 'I Don't Like it!'.
They move around in art rock, punk, and pop, sometimes in more woozy melodies, other times in dance beats underpinned with electronic elements.
I've picked out the track 'Mirror' from the album, with its repetitive guitar riffs and transitions into psychedelic solos, and lots of instrumental transitions, but throughout the musicians keep the melody going, which goes quickly into the ear.

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Furia - Maska Masce

Furia is a Polish blast metal band from Katowice. The musicians are very irreverent and enigmatically unpredictable, working under the auspices of Pagan Records, on a number of projects, very diverse in terms of genre. They most often describe themselves as, ha, good term, necrofolk.
The relentless screeching of the guitar with the pounding of the drum blast beats creates a superb and unusual black metal atmosphere that would put any of the Nordic metallers that Furia takes inspiration from to shame.
Perhaps even too powerful for the average audience.

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Dijit - Hasheesh

Hashem L. Kelesh, better known in the audiovisual context as Dijit, is a music producer and visual artist based in Cairo.
On his latest album 'The Room', he continues to work with minimalist darkwaver experimental electronic production in which he flirts with Middle Eastern rhythms, sounds, and repetition.
The vocals, or actually his speech, also play the role of an instrument moving towards more distorted, hazy, unrecognizable nuances, from the depths of the tunnel, spreading a thick cloud of melancholy and theatrical atmosphere. Controlled slow and nocturnal energy.

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Tania Giannouli - Intone

Tania Giannouli from Greece is a classical pianist and composer by education. Her work combines different influences and expands them into the fields of improvisation and beyond, where no one has gone before.
With her new album Solo, her first solo album, her playing slowly, and carefully takes our breath away as her playing so unpretentiously, just as mysteriously, merges into a sense of supple eternity and safe, accessible depths. A very mature introspection with a bold melodic note, without unnecessary oscillations, reductions, additions, and notes, delivered with a sober, orderly head, without any hermeticism and technicism, content with bravura. Rather the reverse.
She is one of those whose music is timeless, radically unencumbered, skilfully slipping into its own world and briefly performing a little - new music.
I highly recommend listening to the whole of Solo album.

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American Grandma - Second Spring

Denver-based Jensen Keller, the author of American Grandma, is a so-called slow-core musician who has been pursuing the slower strains of indie rock since his early teens, treating the emotional interior as the main thematic and aesthetic starting point. He recently released his sixth album 'Rare Knives Of Light'.
On an instrumental level, it's close to some atmospheric shoegaze acts, thanks to the rich guitar textures and the generous use of looping, echoes, and other effects. A vast sea of melancholy, expressed through guitar dirges that wail resignedly along with Keller's singing, immersing the listener in the author's emotional world.
I have chosen the shortest track, just in case...

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The Elephant Man - Drift

Some pure-blooded rock, which I missed. I got it as a suggestion on YT. A new name for me. The Elephant Man is an Italian rock band and the opening song 'Drift' is from their debut album 'Sinners'. A blend of subtle, harmonic, rhythmic rock that at times has the characteristics of dark rock mixed with a discreet whiff of new wave and psychedelia.
Their music is not the music of the current generation, it's not a current narrative (although there are traces of it), it carries a touch of the past with its ordered sounds, without causing unnecessary nostalgia.
I recommend it.

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The Rolling Stones & Lady Gaga – Sweet Sounds Of Heaven

On the music portals, I read great debates about whether the Rolling Stones with their new album 'Hackney Diamonds' can save rock in these strange turbulent times.
Can one album save anything? I'm firmly convinced that it can't, as I think it's initially wrong to address something like that to the Stones? They are a world unto themselves and to put them in the context of carrying with them a formula for others, more specifically for rock and roll as such, would be wrong because they themselves are something like an exception that confirms the rule. And Lady Gaga here is what?
The old Stones answer is waiting for you: It's only rock and roll.

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The Beatles - Now And Then

Finally, one more piece of AI-related news. There have been quite a few of them lately.
The Beatles will reappear, like a phoenix from the ashes, after 53 years.
On November 2 they will release a new/old song that was recorded at Lennon's house in New York for a house demo album. They haven't released it so far because Lennon's vocals were completely obscured by noise and the song was practically unreleasable.
Well, when Peter Jackson was working on his acclaimed documentary 'The Beatles: Get Back' in 2021, his team used WingNut Films' MAL audio AI technology to separate and isolate channels that would otherwise be impossible. With this AI technology, it worked, the buzzing disappeared.
"There it is, John's voice, crystal clear," McCartney said in a new statement. "It's quite emotional."
We're waiting.
Well, while we wait, here's a demo from a guy who also used AI. We'll be able to compare...

🎢That's all for today, enjoy in #newtunes!
I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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