New Tunes 24.6.2022

Hello music lovers! ğŸŽµğŸŽ§ ğŸŽµ

Summer sounds are all around us, cars, caravans, motorhomes, everything is moving past me towards the sea, into even more intense heat, even though it's already desperately hot here.
Summer music echoes from every open window in these columns. Well, from my car will echo the #newtunes I've collected this week. Maybe there will be something interesting for you too?


Suggestions for weekend and holiday listening. Familiar sounds, even legends and completely unknown artists who want someone to listen to them.
Maybe there is something? Music4life.

But if you don't like something, feel free to skip it.

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Beach Boys - Good Vibrations

This song is not exactly new, 56 years old to be precise, but, Brian Wilson, a founding member of the group, recently celebrated his 80th birthday (20 June) and the label (UMG) has commemorated this by releasing one of the rare old recordings of the recording of this song.

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Florence + The Machine — My Love

Florence is touring extensively with the band and presenting the new album 'Dance Fever'.
Sometimes I wonder why I follow her at all, but she surpasses me again and again, like here, in a live recording for SiriusXM. Amazing vocals, for me certainly one of the best in the world at the moment, not to mention the subtle band that accompanies her.

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Folk Implosion - Insinuation

Folk Implosion is an American rock band started in 1993 as a side project of Lou Barlow, mostly known by his primary band Sebadoh. They freeze activities from 2004-2021.
And they started again, mostly by re-editing their older songs. Here's the one, from 1997. After 25 years, the sound is still fresh, thrilling, and stable. Recommend.

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The Black Keys - For the Love of Money

The 11th album, 'Dropout Boogie' is out. I'm glad to see that they are still going in their own direction and that they continue to go back to their roots. They groove and kick as hell again.

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Morvern - Death of King Toro

With his fifth album, 'King Toro', Morvern or Jan Cizej, a Slovenian musician, presents his first foray into conceptual music, weaving Tolkien-esque personae and coincidences into his signature lo-fi guitar sound. Using harmonized riffs, filtered vocals and well-thought dynamics, and distorted mixing, he places us in a dystopian future, yet still grounded in human existence.

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Perfume Genius - Ugly Season

Perfume Genius is the project of American singer-songwriter Mike Hadreas, whose music embraces fragile piano ballads and sweeping glam rock while exploring sexuality, homophobia, and communal misrepresentation with brutal and yet poetic honesty.
The moments of pop poetry are combined with opera-style compositions packed with pulsating beats and out-of-this-world harmonies.

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Haiku Garden - Loose Contacts

Slovenian eclectic psychedelic shoegazers released their second album 'Loose Contacts/Tense Present' after six years.
They don't bring anything new but a harder cosmic rhythm section that leads us into krautrock, placed against the previously more present influences of dream pop and neo-psychedelia.

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Samsara Blues Experiment - Second Birth

The German band, which plays a mix of stoner and psychedelic rock with folk influences, announced that they had called it quits in 2020. It's a pity because I thought they were an interesting band ... but, hey, a couple of days ago I saw something fresh from them, which means they've changed their minds. Which sounds very fine to me. :)

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Listen loud!

More #newtunes?
ugh... there's mess ... I need to change something ... this year ... maybe 😁
... anyway, if you're courious just click the dates and listen to songs ...

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