New Tunes 23.12.2022

Hello music lovers! ğŸŽµ ğŸŽ§ ğŸŽµ

Feeling the holidays already? I do.
I'm letting go of commitments and focusing on more pleasant things (listening intensively to music, of course).
Maybe you'll like some of the tunes from today's #newtunes post and they'll stick around over the weekend or longer.

More unknown than famous musicians, but that doesn't mean they are boring. On the contrary!
If you don't like something, just skip it! :)


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Rayland Baxter - If I Were A Butterfly

The alternative country musician, from Nashville, Tennesse, presents the album of the same name "If I Were A Butterfly" these days and this is his official video. Very nostalgic and wistful. It takes me somewhere else. The 60s and 70s psych vibes.
Someone says on YT:

sounds like Stone Roses and Pink Floyd had a love child. Not a bad mix!

Well, maybe it's true. It certainly has a depth that attracted me.

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Lucrecia Dalt - Atemporal

Lucrecia Dalt is a Colombian artist currently making conceptual experimental music in Berlin. Her roots are in electronic disco music, but over time she has evolved into more complex waters.
Variation of sounds and harmonies that are innovative and still exciting for more than 30 years. Tom Waits would be satisfied.

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Nwando Ebizie - The Swan

Nwando Ebizie is a new name for me. She is a videographer, a DJ, a performance artist, a scribe, a dancer, and an explorer, all at the same time, and always more than her chosen mode of expression.
"The Swan" is also her first album. She works within the Afrofuturist tradition, with ideas of the matriarchy. Nwando belongs to an Ibo community in which people possess what is called chi, a personal divine guardian or spirit that guides them. We are confronted with an ancient entity, an amalgam of experiences and persons.
btw: Nwando was the 2019 recipient of the prestigious British Oram Awards for Outstanding Artist in Music, Sound, and Related Technologies.

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Alvvays - Very Online Guy

Alvvays is a Canadian indie pop band and presents their third album "Blue Rev". Unlike their previous albums (they won the Juno Award for Alternative Album of the Year), this one was recorded in a few hours without any overdubs. The music is more shoegaze oriented, the songs are short, someone mentioned to me that this is intentional and suitable for TikTok. Maybe, rightly so, as long as the sound is comfortable to me, and I'm transported somewhere other than reality, I like it and don't mind it.
An 8-bit video is interesting.

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Phil Saatchi & Stick Up Boys - Letters

Thinking back four years since I wrote #newtunes, I think this is the first song from Hive (by @philsaatchi, who is also active in the Hive network) that I have recommended here.
Phil Saatchi is a new name for me and I will definitely continue to follow him. I have to thank @stickupofficial1 for the song of the week they featured and @stickupboys for the great video. I wouldn't write much about the music, you have to listen :)
Just this: It puts me in a mood similar to when I listen to Leonard Cohen. I recommend it.

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Majke - Å a Na Na (Molitva Suncu)

I posted this for memories. Majke (Engl. Mothers) is a Croatian band that I know personally and have been following for more than two decades. The 1998 album "Put do srca sunca" (The way to the heart of the sun) was released as a vinyl record a month ago. With this album, Majke confirmed its status as a rock institution in the 1990s in the regions of former Yugoslavia. The album has a broader sound picture than the previous ones, with brass instruments (trumpet, saxophone, and trombone), backing vocals, and a large number of guests on some songs. The song "Sha Na Na" is a "Prayer to the Sun". Excellent rhythm and blues if you ask me.

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The Smile - The Opposite (Live at Montreux Jazz Festival)

I've mentioned The Smile several times in #newtunes, simply because I keep coming across them and I'm fascinated by them. They recently released "The Smile At Montreux Jazz Festival July 2022". As a platform that offers creative freedom to artists, the Montreux Jazz Festival has a long history of creating legendary moments in music culture.
If you don't know this band (yet), it consists of two Radiohead members, Thom Yorke and Jonny Greenwood, and drummer Tom Skinner. I think they're one of the top attractions in popular music at the moment and if you have a chance to watch them live, just go. Highly recommended.

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Maral - Mari's Groove

Iranian-American producer and DJ, Maral, Los Angeles based, started her creations with elements of dub, industrial, and anarcho-punk, but lately, it has been returning to its cultural legacy of Iranian folk, classical, and pop recordings from there. Introducing the latest album "Ground Groove", by collecting, dissecting, and recycling sonic fragments from Iran, a kind of dance-floor ethnomusicology, she said:

I wanted the release to feel like you are in a taxi in Iran with the windows down and the taxi driver is playing an old cassette and the sounds from outside are mixing in to create a whole new song.

I have not been there to feel it yet, but it sounds interesting to me.

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More #newtunes?
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Listen loud!

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