New Tunes 22.3.2024

Hello music lovers! 🎢

Here's another dose of fresh #newtunes tracks to help us get through the weekend. As usual, if you have some time (with or without headphones), you can enjoy a wealth of sounds from different genres by more or less known music artists.

Maybe you'll find something for yourself, and maybe some of the tunes will end up on music charts, but if it doesn't, it'll be just a memory of our time with music.
And if you don't like something, just skip it.


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John Lurie - Small Car

I hadn't heard of John Lurie for a long time, but he's best known to me from The Lounge Lizards and as an actor in Jim Jarmousch's indie films (Stranger Than Paradise, Down By Law). Recently, he released an album that's the soundtrack from his TV series Painting With John.
The song Small Car is an adaptation of a Marvin Pontiac song, an interesting story embellished with pleasant guitar rhythms influenced by African and Asian variants, but basically, it sits firmly in the Western styles of funk and zydeco variants. At moments it even reminds me of King Crimson and their track Discipline. I wouldn't say it surpasses it, but it's there, very close.
I recommend listening!

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E-SAGGILA - Every Voice at Once

Rita Mikhael or E-Saggila, musician and producer, is of Iranian origin, from Toronto, and based in Stockholm. Her work is at the crossroads of techno, noise, gabber, and breakcore. She makes claustrophobic techno, which he builds on a background of harsh noise and analog improvisation.
Her album Gamma Tag was recently released and features the track Every Voice at Once. For fans of the genre, it is certainly a true electromagnetic nectar.

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The Black Crowes - Cross Your Fingers

After a few years of hiatus, The Black Crowes have released their new album Happiness Bastards, bringing rock and roll fans a dose of pure Western sounds with buzzing guitars. The track Cross Your Fingers is a classic The Black Crowes mood. Brutal harmony of riffs and tempos that pack an infectious groove and women vocals at the end.

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Beverly Brooks - Marshall

Beverly Brooks is a Croatian band from Zagreb and 'Albumex' is their second album. A unique sound that cannot be easily categorized by genre, including elements of rock, blues, soul, Americana, indie, pop, and alternative music. Very melodic all together, especially the song Marshall for me.
I may be a bit biased, but I've known the guitarist for many years and he's always fun and crazy :)

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Balkalar - Hajde Jano

Another band from Zagreb :) which is said to be a guarantee for a good party. In sound, they clearly show their very obvious geographical belonging, in a cocktail of typical Balkan tambourines. Ethno themes are adapted to the young people from these parts, which become topical, especially if 'rakija' is included in the sessions. Balkan hopa cupa for party people.
Their album was released as part of the MOST project - the Bridge for Balkan Music, supported by Creative Europe, the European Commission's framework programme for support to the culture and audiovisual sectors -

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Kollapse - Autofagia

Kollapse is a Danish group, formed in 2020, so in some strange times when we were all more isolated than not. They have three albums to date, the last one, AR, was released at the beginning of March this year. By the way, AR means scar in Danish. They sound like the ultimate release from the persistent repression of traumas, problems, and frustrations, with a prominent focus on rhythm, and guitar distortion, and, combined with the vocals, embody familiar feelings of limbo and anxiety instead of ourselves.
The song Autofagia starts with some simple guitar riffs until a devastating rhythm section with drums and bass joins in, abusing us to the core in the genre of noise rock and post-hardcore. I will follow them in the future. But, I admit, I wouldn't have a picture of their album in my living room.

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Uranium Club - Big Guitar Jackoff In The Sky

Uranium Club is a punk band from Minneapolis, USA, active since 2015, with four albums released to date, the latest, Infants Under The Bulb, after only five years.
They haven't moved much in terms of sound since their beginnings. They still persist, I would say, in the sonic aesthetic of danceable lo-fi egg punk with refined production and richer use of brass and woodwinds combined with cynical lyrics of the everyday. The song Big Guitar Jackoff In The Sky is like a punk guitar ode.

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NΓΌrnberg - Insomnia

Duo NΓΌrnberg comes from Minsk, Belarus.
A new band for me, they have been performing since 2017 and cultivate, in their own words, post-punk music. In February they released their third album Adkaz, which focuses more on dark wave style and melodic, almost pop structures with Slavic melancholy.
In the song Insomnia, they remind me of the sound of the early The Mission band.

🎢That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend with new songs!

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