New Tunes 17.11.2023

Hello music lovers! 🎢

How are you? Do you have any new music on your radar? If you don't, here's a #newtunes selection of new music that's been ringing in my ears this week, and will be with us over the weekend and beyond.

There is more and more music, and it is more and more accessible. New tunes and songs always have to fight with the old hits, and only a few remain, most of them are fading into oblivion, now in digital archives that are getting bigger and bigger.
And if you have a few minutes of your time, you will be helping someone just by listening. But if you don't like something, skip it.


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Naked Lungs - Pressure

Naked Lungs is a fresh, four-piece noise punk band from Ireland. Their debut album "Doomscroll" has been out since the end of August this year and has earned the label that this is the band to watch (source: NME100).
Dissonance, noise, and nervousness, well supported by fast rhythm and dirty guitar riffs, can be heard in all the songs. They certainly do a good job of mimicking the everyday craziness of modern times, taking the listener on a downward spiral through a relentless wave of noise, accentuated by many other sonic influences.
But are these the future heroes of Irish noise rock? Who knows.

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Anouk – Are You Done Running

Anouk Schemmekes is a Dutch singer and songwriter. From 1997 up to now she published 14 studio albums, the last one was 'Deena and Jim' at the beginning of November this year.
She is a well-known singer in the Netherlands and Belgium, with platinum album sales. 2013 saw her take part in Eurovision and achieve the best result for the Netherlands of all time. Musically, she is somewhere between pop and rock, but her pure, exquisite vocals are always at the forefront, whether she is singing lyrical confessions or loud rock anthems.
The song 'Are You Done Running' is from her new album. Vocal perfectionism and a classical, symphony orchestra-tinged ode to perseverance no matter what. Thanks @w74 for reminding me of her.

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Spiritual Cramp - Can I Borrow Your Lighter?

Spiritual Cramp is an American post-punk rock band from San Francisco, formed in 2017. They have released one EP so far, and finally, at the end of August this year, their debut album Spiritual Cramp, self-produced, which immediately gained attention.
Uncompromising and instinctive rock'n'roll with strong punk energy, the production is polished in melodic passages and guitar riffs that go straight to the ears. They make no secret of their affinity with The Clash or Green Day.

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The Smile - Wall Of Eyes

The Smile, the Thom Yorke-led faction of Radiohead, will release their second album 'Wall Of Eyes' at the end of January 2024, and the song of the same name is the album's introduction.
Cool, intimate, and stripped-down sound, with Thom's vocals, sweeping strings, and pounding percussion. What these guys have in them, namely the ongoing exploration and year after year the constant discovery of new artistic dimensions in musical structures, melodies, and sounds, is a true gift, not only for them but also for us who receive it all.

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Twin Tribes - Monolith

Twin Tribes is a dark synth duo from Brownsville, Texas. Formed in 2017. The song 'Monolith' is the introduction and promotion of the new, second album 'Pendulum', which will be released in February 2024.
The band is inspired by the dark side of the 1980s. Darkwave, post-punk, and cold wave are genres performed by the band using analog synthesizers and drum machines.
Dark melodic sounds, scenes of serenity and seduction, lyrics of the undead, the occult, and parallel universes are what Twin Tribes deals with.
I've read somewhere that's as if Sisters of Mercy, The Cure, Joy Division, and Depeche Mode had an evil child.

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Bingo Fury - Power Drill

Jack Ogborne, the main driving force behind Bingo Fury, is a multi-instrumentalist from Bristol, a new name for me, he released a new single 'Power Drill' at the end of September which he says was made "on the I-Phone-Garage Band tour" where he worked as a sound engineer. This is only his second release, the first being a two-song EP in July 2021, and he's been considered an avant-garde rising star ever since. At the same time, he has announced his debut album 'Bats Feet For A Widow' for 2024.
The music is unique, no-wave jazz, steeped in the mood of a smoky jazz club, based on his beat poetry delivered over a fuzzy, cigarette- and whisky-stained piano.
For the song 'Power Drill' he says "It's a first attempt at trying to make something abrasive while keeping melody & tonality intact, which doesn’t come so naturally to me.'
Certainly one of the more promising young musicians whose time is yet to come.

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Heartworms - May I Comply

Heartworms is a post-punk band from London that I mentioned once, thanks to @whywhy, a few, actually seven months ago. So far they've released one EP and a couple of singles. The latest is 'May I Comply' for which they have an official video.
The driving force behind the band is JoJo Orme, who is obsessed with military history and darkwave. Gothic cyber-punk that evokes discomfort and forces you to move. If that's what you're looking for, of course.

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UNIVERSITY - Notre Dame Made Out of Flesh

A band called University is another unknown band, they're from Crewe in the UK, and last year they started to break onto the music scene.
So far they don't have much to show. They have released three videos and one EP 'Track Title' with five songs. But if you combine emo, punk and hardcore while maintaining an aura of mystique, you get an explosive mix that doesn't just stay in the garage and is shared from ear to ear.
Very fast guitar music that has little in common with the current trends in the UK music scene. I find them most similar to the legendary Fugazi. I wonder if they will be strong enough to shake the island.

🎢That's all for today, enjoy in #newtunes!
I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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