New Tunes 15.3.2024

Hello music lovers! 🎢

Finally! After three weeks of rain, the sun shone today and a new selection of #newtunes songs is upon us!
For the weekend and beyond, I bring you some fresh tunes, mostly by not-yet-established musicians who are working hard and deserve our support.

Speaking of being established, Hive isn't exactly in the top blockchains either, but we're all using it and sharing information about it outside the community.
In short, a few minutes of our time, whoever wants it, of course, is the best support we can offer. But if you don't like something, as usual, just skip it.


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Chemtrails - Sycophant's Paradise

Chemtrails is a Manchester-based British punk/power pop band led by two female vocalists and a female guitarist, with rhythm support from two other members. They have three studio albums under their belt, offering audiences a danceable mix of psychedelic pop, garage punk, and new wave melodies. In their compositions, they creatively and colorfully touch upon environmental devastation in the name of profit, sociopathic knitters of society, and discourse on sexuality, otherwise regular subjects of punk criticism.
The song Sycophant's Paradise is from the new album The Joy of Sects, which is cynical but not bitter.

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Ruth Goller - Next time I keep my hands down

Ruth Goller is a British artist, bassist, and composer. Connoisseurs and fans of contemporary avant-garde music may also recognize her from the decade-and-a-half-old jazz punk band Acoustic Ladyland. As a master of the bass guitar, she has worked with Shabaka Hutchings, Marc Ribot, and Alabaster DePlume, among others.
The album Skyllumina is the second solo project of this artist and a continuation of the sonic story of improvised jazz.
This song from the new album is also like a slow, grey river (Skyllumina), overflowing with a casualness that fits its millennia-old course, drowning the listener in greys of apathetic and pale melancholy.

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aya - Lip Flip

Aya is a British artist and electronic producer who pursues an underground exploration of the layers of the human interior and the portrayal of uncomfortable emotions and feelings, which stands out in particular in cathartic reworkings with raw sound experience in live performances. The song and Ep Lip Flip is the second standalone product of deconstructed club music of footwork, grime, and techno, from which Aya makes a coherent blend of sonic ideas.

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Mariam Rezaei - it COULD be jazz

Mariam Rezaei is a very interesting British artist, avant-garde composer, writer, performer and DJ with Iranian roots. She received her PhD in Philosophy of Composing for Turntable and Ensemble from Durham University in 2016.
She is currently a lecturer in sound technology and composition at Newcastle University. Her primary instrument has always been the gramophone. This year she released the album Bown, where the music ranges from atmospheric drones to edgy jazz-punk explosions of noise.
This chaos culminates in the madness that is It Could Be Jazz - a collaboration with Bobby Glue and a drum kit, it creates a spasmodic and another dazzling example of all that jazz could be if only we'd let it.

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Itasca - Imitation of War

Itasca is the name of Los Angeles-based composer and guitarist Kayle Cohen. Imitation of War is her ninth album in five years. The song of the same name, with its mention of war, is also initially linked to geopolitics in our minds, but doesn't really touch on much more than that in terms of its content, as far as Kayla considers herself to be political. The author is primarily highlighting recurring patterns of human action that we may not even be aware of, but are so present in our lives that we embody them and act upon them again and again.

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Erin Buku - Ley Lines

Erin Buku is an Australian neosoul musician, and her first album Erin Buku is here, in which she seeks answers in introspection, meditation and gratitude. Neosoul is a fitting genre for this, because it somehow sums up their essence best, blending pleasant beats that also have a certain solidity to them.
The song Ley Lines is not far from that. A simple instrumental, combined with rhythmic hip hop and sophisticated vocals.

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Slimelord - Splayed Mudscape

Slimelord is an English death metal band from Leeds, who recently released their debut album Chytridiomycosis Relinquished. Ambient and progressive death metal that transports us to outer space. The songs are complex and full of subtleties, within the standard framework of the genre.
I'd like to highlight the song Splayed Mudscape, where the guitar lines are emphasized and build up and intensify throughout the track, in a thoughtful balance between progressive and complex death metal styles. One of the better albums this year for fans of the style.

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Jimmy Barka Experience - World Ends

The Jimmy Barka Experience is a Slovenian music group, with two DJs and a drummer, which after more than fifteen years of music-making has released its first album, Jusqu'ici tout va bien. The album serves up a remarkably wide range of instrumental samples and excerpts. In the song World Ends, they display a particular sensibility, in terms of arrangement, narrative, and instrumentation. Cinematic and landscape, a polyrhythmic, orchestral, funky playful fusion of the many genres and geographical worlds that characterize the band's activity. You can also watch part of the performance, recorded three months ago.

🎢That's all for today, and enjoy your weekend with new songs!

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