New Tunes 12.8.2022

Hello music lovers! ğŸŽµğŸŽ§ğŸŽµ

How about summer? I've been wandering around the local music festivals lately, trying to record something interesting. But it's more drought than not.

Since it's Friday I've picked out some #newtunes, maybe a beat will catch your ear and you'll find it on repeat over the weekend.

Musicians are also touring, so there isn't as much special or extraordinary new music as you might expect. But, hey, if you don't like something you can skip it. Music4life. :) 😁 ğŸ˜Ž

Let's get started!

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Phish - Kill Devil Falls

Great Phish recording at Pine Knob Music Amphitheater, 3.8.2022. Amazing event, perfect sound, and video, Phish is playing like it hasn't in a long time. It's a bit longer with a lot of improvisation but once you get into the boogie it's worth a listen.

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Nu Genea - Tienate

Since I have been at sea for quite a while and am now back home again, I still listen to the tunes that keep me in the summer and coastal mood.
These Italians, from Naples, a new band for me, have been around since 2014 and their latest album 'Bife Mediterraneo' is just the thing.
This song has more of a Brazilian feel to it, but the summer feel is the same. I feel like I'm in this bar somewhere on the coast :)

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Altopalo (ft. Bartees Strange) - Love that 4 u

Altopalo, a New York band, offer us a collaboration with Bartees Strange on their new album 'Frenemy', which will be released soon.
A mix of rap and electronica, and according to all involved, they may continue this collaboration.

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Sorry - Let The Lights On

New musicians for me and here's an intro to new, second album 'Anywhere But Here' for this indie band from London.
I don't know a lot about the group. Is the Sorry a new indie star as critics say? Well, with a sound between grunge and electro-pop they could be. But we'll see.

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MJ Lenderman - Tastes Just Like It Costs

Maybe better known as the guitarist in indie rock outfit Wednesday, MJ Lenderman released his third solo album 'Boat Songs'. where he describes the break-up of a relationship through personal experiences and feelings and starts it all with his scratchy guitar and sentimental vocals. Each such discovery is more bitter in the end.

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Floating Points - Vocoder

After 13 years, Sam Shepperd, who performs under the name Floating Points, has once again created and produced something that oscillates between dance and chill-out dreaminess. Although he does a lot of things, his latest album is a step into beat'n'groove, if I may say so myself.

It starts with sharp techno minimal rhythms, which in the second part turn into a classic UK garage groove that demolishes everything in front of it.
Definitely danceable, for fans of the genre.

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Soul Glo - Gold Chain Punk (whogonbeatmyass?)

Soul Glo, from Philadelphia, is considered by the insiders to be a kind of redeeming light of American hardcore. I don't know, I don't know much about this band, I heard them last year, but maybe I'll give them credit, because the last album that came out recently, 'Diaspora Problems', sounds just like they say.
Sharp and dynamic music with clear vocals, but everything is precise, controlled, and in its place.

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SeepeopleS - Lots Of People

SeepeopleS will release a new album, 'Field Guide For Survival In This Dying World' soon. The album was made in a pandemic time and plays with loneliness. But this song is an example of the band collaborating with other musicians, and as frontman Will Bradford said

a pulsing alt-pop track that takes its sonic cues from the 90s electronic scene and lyrically explores the fear of living in an increasingly paranoid world.

Is there anything else to add?

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Listen loud!

More #newtunes?
ugh... there's a mess ... I need to change something ... this year ... maybe 😁
... anyway, if you're curious just click the dates and listen to songs ...

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