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Hello music lovers! 🎢

How are you? Getting back to normal after the New Year? Or nervousness (and greed behind it, haha) because BTC is growing and sooner or later HIVE will be behind it?
Just don't panic, a fresh set of #newtunes, new music is here, and you'll be able to listen to it for the weekend and beyond while you keep an eye on the charts 😎

Today we also have a selection of lesser-known artists from different genres, well, with a few exceptions, mostly releases from last year that I hadn't heard before or didn't even know about, but also some really fresh releases from this week.
As usual, you can support the musicians who cover this world with their sounds just by listening, but if you don't like something, just skip it.


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The Black Keys - Beautiful People (Stay High)

The Black Keys have a new single called Beautiful People (Stay High), they released it this morning and because I like the band, I've been following them since the beginning when they weren't megastars but just an insignificant high school duo playing school parties, I have to mention news.
This song is the introduction to the album that will be released in April, on which they collaborated with Noel Gallagher and Beck. The album is to be the follow-up to 2022's Dropout Boogie.
I like the song, they continue the classic boogie with a touch of the fifties.

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Great Falls - The Starveling

Great Falls is from Seattle, USA, and has been performing since 2009. Playing post-hardcore and noise rock, genres that have never been in the mainstream of music production has not brought them much success. It wasn't until their October 2023 album Objects Without Pain that the stars aligned and the independent label Neurot Recordings took them on. Lyrics, or rather stories about breaking up, questioning meaning and relationships, underpinned by a great soundtrack.
The song The Starveling is from the last album and as is typical of post-hardcore, it starts slowly and inaudibly, then escalates cathartically to the final outburst. It has a similar structure to a panic attack.

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Filip Bukrshliev Trio - A Certain Amount of Sleazy Tradecraft

The Filip Bukrshliev Trio, from Skopje, Macedonia, is, as the name suggests, a trio led by Filip Bukrshliev, a composer, guitarist, and improviser who plays in various ensembles. With him are bassist Andrea Mircheska, also known as the first lady of Macedonian jazz, multiple winner of the Golden Oryx Award for the best young jazz musician, and percussionist Slavcho Kocev, a creator in the field of jazz improvisation.
The song A Certain Amount of Sleazy Tradecraft is from her latest, second album All the Sad Words In The Beggar's Dictionary. Even though all three are well-known jazz improvisers, the whole sound background of the song is more rock-oriented, and jazz improvisations can be heard only at times. Recommended.

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IDEM - Uvijek Super

Idem, or Antun Aleksa, is a Croatian singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist from Zagreb and a member of Porto Morto, JeboTon Ansambl, and Trophy Jump. Last May, he decided to go solo and combine all the ideas and sounds he's been creating over the years into a bittersweet pop-punk product, an album called Poyy.
The range of his subjectively nostalgic states quickly found its way to the listeners, of course, the generation of the 1990s, which was witnessing the turbulent changes in these parts of the world. A good dance bedroom pop product that continues the tradition of Croatian nostalgic summer pop. The song Uvijek Super (Always Super in English) is about teenage crushes.

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Kula Shaker - Natural Magick

Kula Shaker is an English psychedelic rock band, from London, they started playing in 1988, and their biggest commercial success was between 1996 and 1999, when they had a couple of Top 10 hits in the UK Singles Chart, and then they went quiet for a while (supposedly because the singer said that the Swastika is a stunning symbol and that it has magical powers in Indian mysticism. Of course, he didn't mean the Nazi connection, but most of the music public, from record labels and media, didn't see it that way).
After 2006 they slowly started to pick themselves up and toured Europe with an almost unchanged line-up.
The song Natural Magick is from their latest album of the same name, which will be released this February.

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The mysterious special, the so-called Detroit man, about whom nothing is known except that he is a rapper, Decuma, and considers himself a poet, released an album of experimental hip-hop, Feeding The World Serpent, at the end of September last year.
Well, and that's the title song, The World Serpent, a dark, instrumentally rich, and sophisticated sonic picture of his wounds, of violence against the African-American community in his native Detroit and more broadly in the US and the Western world.

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EYOT - 557799

Eyot is a jazz-fusion band from NiΕ‘, Serbia. I didn't know them until now, but I read that last April they were featured on WNYC, New York's iconic New Sounds - Soundcheck, and were selected among hundreds of acts as one of the top nine New Sounds for 2023.
They have been around for fifteen years and have released five albums to date. Their glazing represents a fresh sound, a fusion of jazz, the sophistication of classical piano, psychedelic and ambient glazing, and elements of Eastern European folklore.
The song 557799 played on WNYC radio will also be featured on their sixth live album, Quindecennial, which will be released in February.

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HOUSE Of ALL - Aynebite

House Of All is an English rock band from Machester. It's the first time I've heard of them. Although it was formed at the beginning of last year, you could hardly call it new. It consists of five ex-members of the cult band The Fall trying to do something new, of course without the charismatic Mark E. Smith, frontman of The Fall, who died in 2018.
The eponymous album House Of All, released last June, is their debut album. Aynebite is the album's opening song, with a powerful gut-shaking bassline and an effective contrast of melodic post-punk lines on guitar.
Of course, behind a project like this, there can only be financial interest, but after listening to it, it seems to me that they will have a lot more to say. That's just my opinion, of course.

🎢That's all for today, enjoy in #newtunes!
I hope you liked something, and thank you for your attention.

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