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Tangos: Flamenco Estilio (EN)

One style, an “estilio” of flamenco is tangos

Not to be confused with the Latin American tango dance.
My videos about Flamenco Estilios are often created in preparation for Flamenco performances in Graz and other towns and villages around Graz.

But this video was made for my guitar students. I show my guitar students how they can develop their songs with flamenco playing techniques. This is often really exhausting for them. Here you can see where the techniques come from, with which they develop their songs on the guitar.

For example, they learn from me how to use the breaks in singing for melodies that they can hit with their thumbs. This is how even simple songs really get “pep”. I experience again and again when our group LiLA y Geckosperforms that this way of interpreting songs creates a very special flair.

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