Sad Brothers - Saint Seiya (Native American style flute cover)

Last year, I went in a local park to record a short cover of "Sad Brothers" one of the soundtrack of the Japanese manga "Saint Seiya" (aka Knights of the Zodiac).

My friend BÙI Phạm Thắng in France wanted to have a recording with me on the flute and him accompanying me on the keyboard. So he sent me an MP3 of his recording for me to play over. But with all the issues that happened in my life, I didn't have the time up until now.

When I used to live in Montpellier (France), Anh Thắng (big brother Thang) and I used to be in a band playing for Vietnamese weddings. He would be on the keyboard, I would sing or sometimes strum on the guitar while our friends are on other instruments. We used to have a lot of fun recording songs he wrote. I left France in 2006 to head to the UK and then in 2012 I left Europe for Australia. Since then I kinda lost my social connections with the world of music. So it was really fun to do this little recording despite being separated from him by oceans and continents.

So here is Sad Brothers - Saint Seiya (Native American style flute cover)

Thanks for listening.

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