My Native American style flute tracks are now available for streaming

I've been making my own Native American style flutes and other native flutes since August 2020. It's been an interesting journey despite some hair pulling along the journey as I was trying to get what I think is the perfect flute sound. But I gave up on finding the perfect flute sound because I already had it without knowing it. Each flute had its own voice and the what I thought was imperfections were just the unique character of the flute created by the material.

Bamboo has inconsistent bore size from between one culm to another but also along the length of the same culm. So each bamboo will produce a flute voice with its own characteristics and that makes it cool.

What great about Native American Flutes (NAF) are their very soothing sound. It's no wonder they are frequently used in meditation and relaxation music.

My first singles on Spotify

I thought it would be fun to record myself and get distributed on Spotify and other online music store such as Apple Music or Youtube Music. For these, I went hiking a local hidden spot by a dam to record near the waterfall amongst the birds.

I'm in the process of building a soundproofed (as much as I can) vocal booth to be able to record better from home too. Meanwhile, I'm producing short videos that I upload on my TikTok and Clapper. For those who don't know, Clapper is a TikTok clone but targeted to the adults, so you have much less of those mouth sync, dance copying kind of videos and more of people talking. Like on all social media platform, you still need to go through the crappy videos but there are still good stuffs out there and since the platform is more recent there is less competition and it's easier to get more views and grow your supporters base. I got 1.1K views on my first video and 23.6K on my introduction once few days later.

If you like Native American Flute music, I would appreciate if you follow me on Spotify:

Also check out this Spotify playlist that includes NAF music from other artists:

My other tracks

I'm uploading most of my new recordings on my SoundCloud profile. Here is a playlist of my NAF tracks.

Find me on other stores:

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