New Vinyl: Old School Hip Hop, Turntablism And Some 60s Moogsploitation

My dude Kans just opened a record shoppe in Cleveland and had an opening party this week-look for a post on the store coming soon, but today I share with you a few of the records that I picked up...dropping well over a bill for a nice pile of wax, and the biggest haul I've had in a while. He put his entire record collection in the store, even his battle wax!


Various Artists
Boombox: Early Independent Hip Hop, Electro and Disco Rap 1979-82

Haven't checked this out yet, but it was a MUST GRAB when I saw it. This is a 3 LP set with a bunch of obscure tracks and labels that I was unfamiliar with, from the earliest years of hip hop recordings. I basically couldn't pass up all these rarities in one collection!

Del The Funkee Homosapiens
"If You Must"

The Automator remix version is one of my jams from back in the Napster days, I still have this track on one of my first ever cd-r mixes that I burned. This is one of those remixes that I prefer to the original- which is, usually a rarity(in my opinion). Also has some instrumentals and a couple more tracks off the "both sides of the brain" album.

DJ Revolution
"The Backbone"

Here's another turn of the century hip hop single, this time with DJ Revolution with an ensemble cast– Chase Infinite, Choclair, Ill Advised, Kardinal Offishial, Krondon, Planet Asia, Rasco, Shabaam Sahdeeq. I only had the original in 12's we trust CD so was happy to add the single to the collection.

Hugo Montenegro
"Moog Power"

This is one of those songs that is the perfect evening closer, whether you are Frank Sinatra, Hugo Montenegro, or that crooner at the local pub. I had first heard it on an 80s Hanatarash cassette where the B side is just a mix of moogsploitation songs and this was probably my favorite cut on it, so I had to grab it-even though it was a little more money than I wanted to pay for it. Also included are some staples of the time-including the obligatory "aquarius" cover.

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my post!

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