5 Classic Hilarious And Embarassing Outbursts And Fails By Musicians

Today I being you a slightly different post from my usual fare. Yesterday, I posted some records and one of them was by James Brown and it got me thinking of his hilarious infamous TV interview so I thought it may be funny to compile some embarrassing musician moments from the past!
These are all very funny, and most are quite short. Spend some time watching these videos if you are unfamiliar with the material, and it should make you laugh. There may be a few dirty words here and there, but it's nothing that you can't hear in a Junior High hallway.

Mark McGrath gets called "Sugar Gay"

Here we have an extremely angry singer of the band, Sugar Ray, that cannot handle getting heckled from a young man so he gets very embarassing in front of the cameras.
If you've ever seen him host some boring show, now you can truly see how fake he is. This is one of those things i remember seeing on VH1 or something back when it happened, but it was disappeared from the internet for many years-because I dug for it. McGrath must have had a good team working for him but, alas, you couldn't keep it buried forever. Now, its not very nice to call someone names, but I think as a celebrity one may want to have thicker skin.

James Brown TV Interview

James Brown, high as a kite on TV for an interview in the 80s. He should already be on damage control because he was having "domestic troubles" and doing this doesn't really help his image. But James Brown is one of the all-time greats so we pretty much have to forgive him for the..."police chase incident" that came after this. The judge couldn't though, and he ended up serving some time for that one. Let all this serve as a lesson to stay away from PCP.

The Edge Falls Off Stage

This is what happens when you call yourself "the edge" and have a giant catwalk on your stage. I guess he didn't find what he was looking for...these jokes practically write themselves! The best part for me, is personally how you can hear the guitar neck hitting the stage...At least he was alright, I believe Steven Tyler did the same thing but broke something and ended up getting hooked on pain pills or heroin or something and it broke up aerosmith-which isn't the worst thing- but now we have to listen to him talk on American Idol or whatever.

Linda McCartney's Isolated Vocal Track

Aw, poor Linda... with this as proof, it's hard to wonder what she was doing on stage at all...who would have thought that two of the beatles would end up with atonal singers as wives? I mean, what are the odds? The soundperson that made this tape is such a hero.

Buddy Rich Yells At His Band On The Bus

These Buddy Rich bus tapes are pretty classic-I guess he was known for "venting" at the band after gigs, so one of the band players recorded it on the bus and they would circulate among people-even inspiring multiple lines from the 90s sitcom, Seinfeld, as Larry David and Jerry Seinfeld were big fans of the tape. "This guy... he's not my kind of guy." It seems that with great talent comes eccentricities... but there a difference between being eccentric and being a jerk. Who would have thought that the filthiest entry on our list would be some old jazz drummer??

Let this be a lesson on staying down to earth and being aware of our surroundings!

Thanks for reading, I hope you liked my post!

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