Three Tune Tuesday || For my hand.

Music is important to us if we must agree. No music, no life. Yes, music makes the world fun and lively. How do you feel if you are just locked up somewhere in the dark and there is no beat or rhythm to keep you alive? Boring? It would seem like a long day every moment.

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I love music and I mean it. Many times, I just tune into some artists' songs and they help me cool my mind with their amazing lyrics. Music is life.

It's another beautiful moment with #Threetunetuesday or #ttt hosted by @ablaze, and this has become my weekly routine to at least, write down some tunes so I don't forget. Listening to music keeps me awake and optimistic every day and so, I don't let a day pass by without having something to hold onto.

Some days ago, I couldn't stop smiling when I came across this collaboration song on my cousin's WhatsApp status, and I quickly went to search for it on YouTube. Then, I got the full video and trust me, I couldn't hide it away from myself but to come to share it with us.

I believe most of us would have listened to this new release by two great artists, and that was just a wonderful stage show. I should rate them 9/10 because I don't believe in getting all the marks. No one is perfect, right? 😆😆

The first tune is a collaboration song by Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. It's titled “For my hand”.

My heart clicks to this song immediately. It's a new one that was made in London. I read through the comment section and I could see the excitement in people's faces seeing a collaboration with Ed Sheeran and Burna Boy. Seriously, that was just a wonderful song on the stage. I took my phone to the toilet this morning and that was the song I played while giggling. I even stayed longer there. I forgot I was in the toilet. 🤣🤣🤣

The second tune is “Worship and Warfare” by Ty Bello.

I never added this to my list for TTT but I just couldn't take my eyes off it. I was contemplating whether to recommend it today or next week, but that's a long one. So, I left the other one and chose this beautiful song.

The first song I heard by Ty Bello made me fall in love with her. The song is titled “Amen and Amen” and I love it. This song was just posted on YouTube seven hours ago. It was a song that I came in touch with when I logged into my YouTube account and I listened to part of it, and that was just another outpouring moment to worship God with those lifting lyrics.

The third tune is “My life” by Adekunle Gold.

My apology to those who wouldn't understand this song because it's a mixture of Yoruba and Pidgin language, but this song speaks a lot about some people who just choose to envy other people's progress.

People are quick to judge you when they see you making it. You bought a house, they will talk. You got that promotion, some will still criticize you. Why? At least leave them alone and rejoice with them. They worked so hard for it, and God brought them there. Instead of working and praying to God, you have the time to criticize and judge others.

According to the artist, he said it is not his fault that he has money and everything, but God took him there. So, let him rest and stop saying bad things about him.

You don't know how someone got there, you easily conclude they went diabolical with it. Do your own and let me do mine.

That song is like talking to haters and mockers to go and rest. Leave those who have made it alone, and focus on your own life.

I hope you enjoy that beautiful music from me. Till next week, enjoy the rest of your day.

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Thanks for your time.


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