My Keyboard Has Arrived!

Right in time for the new year, my keyboard has arrived! I'm so excited!! 😃

It was very well packed and arrived safely, thank goodness. It took a while to get everything unpacked and put together, but I didn't mind. It was like a very elaborate gift unwrapping. 😁

When putting together the x-shaped stand, I was amused that the poorly translated instructions called the feet on the bottom "leveling glue." I was reading the instructions first, and was like ...glue??? Oh, they mean the feet. LOL

Yuan helped me figure everything out. The keyboard has so many more features than I realized! It's going to take me a while to learn them all. It's so cool! 😄

I have the book that I understood 30 years ago playing on my friend's piano (if you haven't seen my story about how I've always wanted a piano/keyboard, part of it is because my brain gets it when I have struggled with other instruments. 30 years ago I ran through this beginner book almost all the way through in a couple of hours at my friend's house, until she got annoyed that I was playing their piano instead of hanging out in her room, lol).

the more complicated music in here is from choirs I have been in

Now I am once again working through that beginner book!

If you're new to my blog, I was saving up HBD all year to be able to buy this with the Saturday Savers Club. And I met my goal just in time for the end of the year! So thank you to anyone who ever gave me an upvote or a tip, you helped this dream come true! 💜

I'm going to go back to playing my keyboard now! Have a wonderful day! 😊

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