Liquid Drumstep - Travelling Man & Hive Tales (Why I'm Still Here)

Traveling Man Artwork.jpg

Getting Rid Of The Old Guard

I just read a post by @cmplxty saying that he deleted himself off of Twitter which got me thinking about my own future use of these "old guard" sites. I actually deleted my personal FB profile last month after removing all pictures, albums and info (not that I had any info on there really). To say it felt great is an understatement. I still have my artist page up there but I will probably be deleting that too at the end of the month.

Thing is, I miss the days when it was just fun to post a track up without having any concerns about handling social media accounts or FB only showing my posts to less than 1% of those that "liked" the page. Having 11k followers or so where I paid for advertising and then for FB to not show anything I posted to those followers unless I pay more seemed like a real kick in the teeth. What's more, long form content seemed to just be dismissed there and we all know about short attention spans in modern day "social networking".

Discovering The Hive Network

Then I found the Hive network thanks to a mention from @amphlux and it was a revelation. Sure, the first few months were tough to get around and you hear many mention the "posting to a black hole" experience but that's how I felt on Facebook really. At least with the Hive network, you can only really grow if you go out there and interact with others, get followers and there's no algorithm blocking your posts reaching others (not that I'm aware of)!

It took time to settle in to this new way of thinking but as a music producer, anyone who comments or becomes a fan of your work can support you in more ways than just a vanity emoji and you can then tip your fans back via tokens in this really interesting system of curation. I think it's pretty rare where there's synergy between creation and curation via the rewards mechanism and that's another big reason why I stuck around and grown my account in many ways.

Your Data Is Your Own

The part I like and probably didn't appreciate at the time of registering an account is you don't need to give away any details to sign up. Create your username, get your log-in keys and then you can use the plethora of apps that connect to the Hive tech. No email, no telephone number, no private info needed. Sure, it means that you are wholly responsible for your account which can be daunting for some but if you learn some good practices on how to take care of your own online activity then it will become second nature.

OK, that was a bit of a long opening ramble, I read this post from @themarkymark about how he got here and why he's still around so thought I'd give a perspective from someone who is more of a hobbyist than a professional and is just having fun blogging! Anyway, let's have some music!

Travelling Man

2 years ago today, I went off on the trip of a lifetime to Australia and New Zealand for 3 months and yes, I do need to get back to the travel blogs and I will be posting them again soon and yes @stickupboys, I'll send you the stems over for this one - I'm hoping to be able to re-install everything this weekend and bounce them off to you.

From that travel adventure, I created the Travel Diaries EP of which Travelling Man is the first of 6 tracks in that collection. These tunes are a reminder to me that I was fortunate to go out there but also takes my mind back to the glorious scenery in the south island and the many hikes I did when I was out there.

Once the #hiveblopomo challenge is completed at the end of this month, I'll probably reduce my posting frequency down a bit as there are some big changes happening in my life that will need my attention. Could be massive for me!

Anyway, hope you enjoy this track and my Hive tale. Feel free to share your post about how you got to Hive and why you are still here - see the original post for more info!

Take it easy