Drum & Bass, Moving On & Hitting The Reset Switch

Drum & Bass has got me out of so many rough patches and I'm going through another one of those right now. Not gonna lie, my mental state has just totally fallen a long way downhill over the last 6 months but I'm doing everything I can to fight through and stay positive. By sharing dnb posts each day, it's actually given me something to look forward to and I get to reminisce with you some of my favourites, whether it's my own productions or the tunes I listened to that helped me dig deep.

So I was browsing my own Soundcloud page again to see if I could find some tunes I made that sparked some positive vibes and up popped this track called "Moving On" which was one of my first tracks I ever had featured on radio. We're talking FM radio as well and the presenter, Louise, is in to her DnB so was very interested to hear what I would submit! Later in the week, she confirmed she'd play it out and here is the recording of that fateful night back in September 2016:

Moving On

This one was released on Allowance Records but the label moved over to Exitus Records and I thought long and hard but decided to pull my releases back at the time and give me a chance to decide what I'd do with them. As it turns out, I've not done an awful lot haha! Despite that, I still had the radio recording on my Soundcloud page and listening back to the positive vibes did spark something deep within.

I made the track originally as a celebration of moving on from my long time in PhD hell and looking forward to travelling back in 2015 which is bringing a smile to my face.

Reset Switch

However, as I've mentioned previously, I'm going to be closing down my website and twitter page in the next couple of months and just keep the tracks as they are on Soundcloud and then released on Spotify. Effectively hitting the reset switch and just going back to making the music, sharing them on the streaming sites and spending less time online.

Something I've learned last year is that getting involved in so many projects spreads yourself far too thin and you end up either doing none of them well, burning yourself out or both, which is no good for anyone. I have been trimming back my involvement in some projects and even stepped down completely but think I need to go in to solitude for a long time and just recharge fully.

I'll be starting a masters hopefully next Jan and switch careers in to the Space industry eventually in the next couple of years. This will of course take up a LOT of my time along with working the day job too but I will do my best to keep in touch on Hive seeing as I'm forever here now right? ๐Ÿ˜‰ Just going to keep posting each day for the #hiveblopomo challenge and take it from there.

Hope you enjoy the track

Take care


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