ALBUM REVIEW. Gojira - "Fortitude" (2021)

Fortitude is perhaps exactly what the Gojira fans have been expecting from the musicians. A stunning display of gravity and dedication, tantalizing tones, snippets and emotional resonance that many other metal bands simply cannot achieve. This is metal for the masses and is Gojira's main achievement at the moment.


Fortitude is a unique work that, like most metal records, can seem uninteresting and chaotic from one listening. But the full potential of the album can be revealed to the listener only after a few (and perhaps a dozen) thoughtful auditions.

Frontman Joe Duplantier uses a vocal style that combines clean and extreme vocals. Actually, this is not uncommon for metal bands, in particular for Gojira itself.

In fact, it is quite difficult to correctly determine which genre the band belongs to on this record. Many fans characterize Gojira's latest works as progressive metal, but I think this is not entirely true, because listening to compositions from "Fortitude", you gradually begin to understand that the band's music cannot be crammed into any one genre definition.

The album's biggest highlight is Another World, cleverly placed on the track listing right after Amazonia.

The song touches on the subject of human destruction of the Earth, ultimately giving preference to the idea of ​​finding a new planet instead of trying to save this one. There is also the repetition of musical patterns and the simplicity of other songs. However, the very execution sets them apart. The main riff is catchy and lighthearted, the chorus is good enough to be repeated.

"Fortitude" is a fitting, long-awaited sequel and a bold new chapter in Gojira's ongoing musical evolution. The musicians masterfully interweave old sounds (what could previously be heard in their work) with new ones, creating a kind of sound tapestry that demonstrates amazing imagination, thought-provoking musical and human intelligence, evokes complex emotions and enormous physical strength. In any case, every self-respecting fan of heavy experimental music should at least try to listen to and understand "Fortitude", for this is wonderful.

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