Three Tune Tuesday Week: New musical proposals from Peter Gabriel and Jethro Tull, and a reissued theme from Gentle Giant.

Excellent day for everyone in the community, today I felt like listening to something new from some of my favorite artists or rock groups, the first two songs belong to albums that will be released this year 2023, and the last one is a discard of a progressive rock group very overrated but that today is a cult group:

Peter Gabriel.

Peter Gabriel accompanied by Brian Eno (keyboards), David Rhodes (guitars), Tony Levin (bass), Manu Katché (drums) and other exceptional musicians will release his first album of original material in 21 years, i/o, in 2023. This album has no release date yet.

Panopticom, is a taste of what's to come. A panopticon is a construction that has been built in such a way that from a single point you can see everything inside it.

In today's society, the state tries to maintain permanent control over individuals so that everyone complies with the established rules and obligations. For this reason, it plays with the feeling of permanent observation as a control tool that allows citizens to comply with fiscal obligations and the rules of coexistence.

Panopticom (2023). (Album i/o).


Sophisticated and imperceptibly, we are subdued so that we docilely accept power, control and domination and above all the limits established by democracies or authoritarianism.

This is a song where we hear a Gabriel with an intact voice as if he was still in the ranks of the group Genesis, with echoes of progressive rock, world music, and an excellent sound very updated to the current times. It also gives us a lot to think about.

Jethro Tull.

Jethro Tull's 23rd album, RökFlöte, will be released on April 21, 2023, its title track is Ginnungagap.

It is a song inspired by the Norse mythological god Ymir. He is the founder of the race of giants, he is a hermaphrodite and the first creature to appear in the Norse myth of creation. He was killed by other gods and from his body the world was formed. They took his flesh and made the earth; with his bones they created the mountains; his teeth were made into stones and rocks; and his hair into trees and vegetation.

The sky is created with the skull of Ymir and with his brains in the air the clouds are formed. all this happened in the abyss without grass of Ginnungagap.

Ginnungagap (2023). (Album RökFlöte).


The band currently consists of Ian Anderson, David Goodier (bass), John O'Hara (keyboards), Scott Hammond (drums) and Joe Parrish-James (guitar).

Anderson is the only original member of the group, he is in charge of keeping this mythical rock band alive. In this song Anderson shines with his signature instrument: the flute, and his unique voice. The theme takes us to the nordic mythology with a very modern touch and I would say that very electronic with a touch of heavy metal. A theme very in the wave of progressive rock.

Gentle Giant.

A very underrated progressive rock band that today is considered a cult band is Gentle Giant. Accustomed to offering their public complex arrangements, fabulous vocal polyphonies and intricate sound passages, they left as a testament an album in 1980 called Civilian.

The group tries to adapt to a world that no longer wanted to listen to progressive rock. If we listen to the whole album there are reasonable resemblances with groups like XTC, Yes, and Genesis, but in their 80's pop incarnation.

Heroes No More, a song that was excluded from the album, was re-released in 2002 and included in a new rematerialization of the album. Derek Shulman's son (Noah), manages to animate and direct a visually very creative video, in which the musical heroes of the band members appear.

Heroes No More (1980). (Album Civilian).


Derek Shulman, Ray Shulman, Kerry Minnear, Gary Green and John Weathers released an album whose purpose was to try to connect with the moment that was being lived, as did other groups of the same generation.

The song is an ode to our heroes, whoever they are, with very good work on keyboards and drums.

I hope that my participation this week in the Three Tune Tuesday initiative, promoted by @ablaze, has been to everyone's liking, and has encouraged them to search for or discover more songs by the artists that we share here. A great greeting to all.

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