ThreeTuneTuesday - Happy Mondays

Hello Hive Music Lovers!,

Welcome to another #threetunetuesday created originally by @ablaze.

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This week's #ttt is featuring the awesome Happy Mondays. I really love their tunes and want to share with you three of my favorites today, even though it is Tuesday, we can still think about Happy Mondays.

The first tune is probably my favorite and one of their most well-known and iconic songs, Loose Fit.

Next up is 24-Hour Party People. I used to think of myself as a 24-hour party person, but these days it is more of a 24-hour sleeping person.

The final song is a great song and the video is also hilarious with Bez doing his trademark dance. One person wrote in the comments that Bez single-handedly won the war on drugs by taking them all himself! In the documentary, it was said the band was very keen on ecstasy tablets.

That's it from me, have a great musical Tuesday! Until next time.

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