Three Tune Tuesday - World Cup Edition

Hello Hive Music Lovers!,

Welcome to another #threetunetuesday created originally by @ablaze.

As the world cup has kicked off this week, this week's #ttt is featuring three of my favorite football tunes.

The first tune is the song by New Order with the amazingly hilarious rapping by footballing legend John Barnes! I was a huge Liverpool and Barnsey fan as a kid, so he could do no wrong even lyrically at the time.

A few years ago Barnes was on The Jonathan Ross show and did his rap again. He even gets up and starts busting some moves! Go Barnsey!! You still got it, buddy!

A new release for the world cup is "England's Time" and this possibly could be a number-one hit if we aren't careful.

The final song is Fat Les and Vindaloo. I am sure this one will be played across the many venues showing the games.

If you are a sucker for punishment, then you can listen to the newly released (every 4 years) song from The Lightning Seedssource.

That's it from me for this week, have a great musical world cup everyone!

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The title image was created in Canva by myself.

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