Streabbog : In a Hurry and Distant Bells - music video with sheets and free written lesson

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Hello, this is my third lesson in this series of written lessons. Today I am going to work on studies number 5 and 6 from "Twelve very easy and melodious studies for piano, op.63" by Streabbog. For the previous lessons, you can check my videos of 1.&2. and 3.&4. studies.

5.In a Hurry
This study is focused on the right hand, on the one bar short motifs. Each motif starts with a melodic interval of sixth followed by an interval of second and then back to the starting note. In the fourth bar, there is an exception as the starting interval is a melodic third. There is a fragment of a chromatic scale in bar 7. The second section is a bit simpler, just two notes melody and one 5 fingers position scale. As in the previous studies, the third section of the study is the repetition of the beginning, and there are a few added bars to finish the piece. The key signature is G major and the tempo is Allegro grazioso.

6.Distant Bells
Although there are a lot of notes to play on the right hand, the more important role here has got the left hand, where the separate jumping up notes is making the melody. The movement of the whole left-hand arm is very important to obtain a nice sound in the marked notes. They sound like bells.
Thank you for your time. Tomorrow I am going to release studies numbers 7 and 8. See you tomorrow🎵👋🏻

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