There is always something new to learn!


Every day, all over this beautiful planet of ours, someone takes its first steps in something. In the true sense of the word, but also, first steps in learning some new skills. When an idea is born in the mind of a curious person, it wants to learn something new because it is attracted to that activity. It can be dancing, music, a sporting activity or anything else that one wants to master. Most often, curiosity is the trigger for progress, and it should never die while life lasts. Although we have to admit, children are more curious, there is always a lot ahead of them to master and learn.

I have a dear student who is more than curious. He has a lot of ideas and even more questions. Intelligence is his strong point, more than expressing emotions. Although, when he talks about those things that interest him a lot, his eyes shine. Of course, learning the piano is the main activity for which we share an hour a week, but despite that, we constantly talk a lot in his classes. I just love students like that, when we can find a good connection and common themes. Everything is easier then and more fun. Both for them and for me.

Today, one new student started with the lessons. She was happy and excited to come, and even she is eleven and already watched some youtube tutorials on how to play the theme of Harry Potter (yes, she is a fan of that movie, even her bag was a home-made Harry Potter bag) she was not bothered to start from the very beginning. That means learning notes, theory, all the basis that maybe is not the most interesting part of the learning process. Also, I told her that it is better to start at that point and have a good basis of technique and posture. She agreed with everything. She was so concentrated and her will to learn well was dominant. I see that a new, great connection is here with a student! Her first steps were made very well!

But, let us not just stay with the children. We, not so young children should never stop taking some new steps, right? I know I want to learn a few more, but some of them I will never take. Some will stay as dreams, some will need more courage, and some are not realistic. The other will maybe come true, and there are also those new steps I will take but I don't even have them visualised in my mind. They will come by surprise, as happened with already many things. One day we just realize we are walking on a path we haven't even thought about. We took our first steps in a field that was beyond our imagination. Isn't it just a miracle that the future brings?

In the very near future (these next few days/weeks), some new steps will be taken, such as some joint projects for one song. Yesterday I received material from the person with whom this collaboration will be realized, and I promised to work on my part this weekend. The motivation is here, the ideas are interesting, but I need to work on my music part, on transposing, on recording clips for the video. Oh, I shouldn't say anything more. I want to make my part well, so I will take my time :)

Until then, I am practising other things too. This learning an instrument thing never has a final and perfect stage... there is always something to add and improve. My fingers should not lose speed and skill, so it is important to always play something, although it can be exercises or studies. Yesterday, I found this study, for note repetition in G minor. Composer, Carl Czerny. Come on fingers, work work work!!!!

So, what about you? Do you like to learn new things, to make new steps? What field you are interested in to learn, or improve your skill? Let me know your interests, I will gladly attend the comment section and support your answers :)

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