Violin And Cuatro Duet | "Shatter Me" By June ft. Rixon

Manuela Vargas

Hello, Dear Hivers | Hola, Queridos Hivers

This afternoon I had a very special visit! A friend of mine, called Rixon (you've probably seen him already in other of my posts) came to my house and we had a very productive afternoon.

It began with a simple chat, he brought me a chocolate, and then he asked me to teach him some stuff about violin, so I did it. Then I brought the cuatro to sing a little bit, but I had the craziest idea:

I was playing a song in the violin and I thought: "how would it sound with the cuatro" then I told him to play some chords to see if they matched, and they did! So after so much practice, and scolds from me hehe, we called my mom to film us, and, in my opinion, it was a total success!!

Here's the video. Pardon my house look, but this was the most improvised thing I've done until now haha. I hope you enjoy it!

Thanks for stopping by!

Stay true to yourself, always with a smile on your face


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